Katalin Czippan, IUCN CEC Regional Vice-Chair

European Union asks members to support Education for Sustainable Development

The Council of the European Union has adopted conclusions on ESD, reports CEC Regional Vice-Chair Katalin Czippan. …  

27 Apr 2011 | News story

Peregrine Falcons

Re-introducing falcons to Sweden

IUCN Member, the foundation Nordens Ark has re-introduced 140 Peregrine falcons in Sweden over the last eight years.  Their aim has been to create a sustainable, heatlhy population that links the smaller populations of Peregines already established in Northern and Southern Sweden. …  

27 Apr 2011 | News story

Malcom Whitehead introduces CEC to educators and communicators at zoos

Zoos and CEC

"The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication is a network that you need, and that zoos need. It also needs you," writes CEC member Malcolm Whitehead in the latest issue of Zooquaria. …  

27 Apr 2011 | News story

New apps are making environmental information available on mobile phones

Mobile phone apps offer easy access to climate change science

New apps from the website Skeptical Science use mobile phone technology to share environmental information. It's a "sign of the times" says CEC Deputy Director Wendy Goldstein. …  

27 Apr 2011 | News story

El director del Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo de la UICN, Antonio Troya Panduro; el director general de la Fundación General de la UMA, Francisco Martos, y el director de la Cátedra Unesco de Comunicación de la UMA, Bernardo Díaz Nosty.

Nueva colaboración con UNESCO en UICN-Med

El miércoles 27 de abril a las 12hrs se firmó el acuerdo de colaboración en el edificio Rectorado Universidad de Málaga. …  

27 Apr 2011 | News story


On thin ice: Vulnerable Arctic treasures identified

A report released today identifies 13 of the richest and most vulnerable places in the Arctic Ocean that should be considered for protection as summer sea ice melts and industrial activity expands into newly accessible areas. …  

27 Apr 2011 | News story

Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and the Survival of Humankind by the Asahi Glass Foundation

Questionnaire on Environmental Problems and Survival of Humankind

CEC members are invited to take this survey! Its results present an interesting barometer of global opinions on environmental issues over 20 years. Shared with CEC by Dr. Sue Mainka, Head, IUCN Science and Knowledge Management. …  

26 Apr 2011 | News story

Bonaire National Marine Park manager Ramon de Leon surveying coral reefs

Improving MPA management in Bonaire

IUCN has published a study on the various resilience characteristics of the coral reefs in the Bonaire National Marine Park. It includes results on resilience indicators, benthic cover, coral population structure, algae populations and fish community structure which can determine how the coral reefs respond to climate change threats. The aim of the study is to provide information on how to incorporate resilience information and climate change responses into the Marine Protected Area (MPA) design and management, especially given the recent bleaching event that occurred in 2010-2011.

26 Apr 2011 | News story

“Missione Biodiversità: educare
e comunicare per la vita e lo sviluppo” è un primo Corso di qualificazione sulla comunicazione e l’educazione per la Biodiversità, realizzato da CURSA e AIDAP, con il patrocino della Commissione Educazione e Comunicazione dell’IUCN

Missione Biodiversita guigno 2011

“Missione Biodiversità: educare e comunicare per la vita e lo sviluppo” è un primo Corso di qualificazione sulla comunicazione e l’educazione per la Biodiversità. Da Maurilio Cipparone, membro del CEC.

26 Apr 2011 | News story

CBD Capacity Building Workshop in Germany, April 2011, with members of IUCN CEC

European strategies to rally political will for biodiversity conservation

A recent CBD capacity development workshop showed enthusiasm for stakeholder engagement and strategic communications for biodiversity. CEC member Wiebke Herding reports. …  

26 Apr 2011 | News story