Subcuenca del río Xayá, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Se integran esfuerzos para promover el modelo de planificación y gestión comunitaria del agua con enfoque de microcuencas en el río Xayá, Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

 La mancomunidad Mankaqchikel y la asociación civil ACAX recibirán el apoyo técnico necesario para fortalecer los procesos de organización social, creación de capacidades locales, formación de un comité de microcuenca y elaboración de un plan estratégico para el manejo y gestión integrada de la microcuenca Tzancán, del municipio de Tecpán Guatemala. …   | English

30 Sep 2011 | News story
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IUCN Mekong Water Dialogues Cambodia NWG meeting October 2011

Increased impact from wetlands policy

MWD Cambodia is striving to achieve support and endorsement from the Cambodian government for the establishment of a national framework for wetlands management to secure adequate protection of wetlands for long-term conservation and sustainable livelihood practices. Initially MWD had set out to establish a National Wetland Strategic Plan or National Wetland Strategic Guidance for Cambodia. However, based on a strategic review MWD Cambodia has reassessed and decided that the establishment of Sectoral Wetland Guidelines is a higher priority and also more effective within the timeframe of MWD.

30 Sep 2011 | News story

Photo de famille

Un atelier régional pour une meilleure gouvernance du barrage de Kompienga

Les décideurs et les usagers du barrage de Kompienga se sont réunis du 22 au 23 septembre 2011 à Fada N’Gourma dans le cadre d’un atelier régional sur la bonne gouvernance autour dudit barrage. …  

30 Sep 2011 | News story
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MESCAL project logo

Work for mangroves gets new look

A new logo was unveiled yesterday by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, marking the beginning of its awareness raising activities for its mangrove projects in five Pacific Island countries.  …  

30 Sep 2011 | News story

ICC Jeju (far right) and Mt. Halla, Jeju, Republic of Korea

Union Pulse: Cuenta atrás para el Congreso

Dentro de un año, destacados representantes de organismos gubernamentales, organizaciones de Naciones Unidas, empresas, industrias y organizaciones de la sociedad civil se reunirán en la isla de Jeju (Corea del Sur) para examinar y adoptar soluciones a los retos más apremiantes que se plantean a nivel mundial en materia de medio ambiente y desarrollo. …   | English | French

30 Sep 2011 | News story

RCF Europe

IUCN European Newsletter: the European Conservation Forum

The September 2011 edition of the European Newsletter is now available. To find our more about IUCN European Conservation Forum click here. …  

29 Sep 2011 | News story

Flooded village of Godadha, Bangladesh 2008 (Cover photo: Environmental Guidance Note for Disaster Risk Reduction)

Climate change, conflict and migration: The water context

A recent symposium featured Wouter Veening, CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Security, as panel moderator. Frits Hesselink, CEC Special Advisor, also participated in this September event in The Hague. …  

29 Sep 2011 | News story

Representatives from Civil Society in Cameroon take part in a five day workshop on Gender and REDD+

Women provide input for the progression of Cameroon’s REDD+ process

Yaounde, September 28: A five day workshop was organised for representatives from government and Civil Society in Cameroon on the mainstreaming of gender in the country’s strategy for the implementation of ‘Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation’ (REDD+). The meetings took place from 19 till 23 September and were organised by IUCN and the Women’s Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) in the context of the on-going implementation of IUCN’s Pro-Poor REDD+ Project in Cameroon. …  

29 Sep 2011 | News story
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Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)

Experts Identify World’s Most Threatened Sea Turtle Populations

Top sea turtle experts from around the globe have discovered that almost half (45%) of the world’s threatened sea turtle populations are found in the northern Indian Ocean. The study also determined that the most significant threats across all of the threatened populations of sea turtles are fisheries bycatch, accidental catches of sea turtles by fishermen targeting other species, and the direct harvest of turtles or their eggs for food or turtle shell material for commercial use. …  

29 Sep 2011 | News story
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Prokletije Mountains

Focus on Transboundary Protected Area of Bjeshkët e Namuna/Prokletije Mountains

The training on Transboundary Protected Areas, conducted by IUCN Programme Office for South Eastern Europe in cooperation with IUCN WCPA members, was held in Shkodra, Albania, 12-13 September. The training was given to representatives of Local Action Groups (LAGs) from Albania and Montenegro residing in the area of potential three lateral transboundary protected area of Bjeshkët e Namuna/Prokletije Mountains. …  

29 Sep 2011 | News story