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World forum on sustainable development: experts and decision-makers met.

With the sponsorship of Mrs. Wangari Maathaï, Nobel Peace Prize and Ambassador of good will for the Congo basin, the 6th world forum on sustainable development was held in Brazzaville, Congo from October 27th to 30th, 2008 on the topic “Africa-Environment Globalization”. …   | French

09 Mar 2009 | News story
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Pavillon Eau - Barcelone

Les expériences du PAGEV partagées

Le 07 octobre dernier, dans le cadre du partage d'expériences en matière de gestion transfrontalière de l'eau, le coordonnateur du Projet pour l'Amélioration de la Gouvernance de l'Eau dans le Bassin de la Volta (PAGEV) a fait part des expériences de ce projet aux partenaires et visiteurs du « Pavillon Eau » …   | English

09 Mar 2009 | News story
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Water Pavillon - WCC Barcelona

Komadugu Yobe Basin: For a sustainable and fair management of lands and water resources.

On October 7th, 2008 at the “Water Lodge”, the Komadugu Yobe Basin project (KYB) presented its activities by showing a film and making a presentation entitled “the integrated water resource management in practice: the case of the Komadugu Yobe Basin”. …   | French

09 Mar 2009 | News story
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Le Ghana et l’Union Européenne signent le 1er Accord de Partenariat Volontaire (APV).

Le 03 septembre 2008, l’Union Européenne a signé le premier Accord de Partenariat Volontaire dans le cadre du FLEGT avec un pays africain : le Ghana.  

09 Mar 2009 | News story
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Photo de famille réunion de planification du Programme Forêts du PACO

Le Programme Forêt s'organise et se structure Progressivement

Du 2 au 4 mars 2009 à Kribi au Cameroun, tout le personnel du Programme de Conservation des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale et Occidentale s’est réuni pour échanger sur les activités en cours (forces, faiblesses, menaces, opportunités) dudit Programme, pour mieux se connaître, se comprendre, partager la même vision et mieux communiquer. …  

09 Mar 2009 | News story
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Yellow Presba (Syncordulia gracilis) 2008 IUCN Red List status: Vulnerable

Invasive species put dragonfly in the shade

The Yellow Presba is a rare dragonfly from the fast flowing mountain rivers of southern Africa. Its conservation status is Vulnerable on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ because of the spread of introduced trees throughout its native habitat. …  

09 Mar 2009 | News story

Participants looked for lessons to take home from a site visit to Halong Bay.

Asian Public Authorities Trained in Environmental Governance

Environmental managers throughout Southeast and East Asia face similar challenges, and during the week of 9-12 March, they convened at an IUCN VN-supported course in Hanoi to share ideas for sustainable solutions …   | Vietnamese

09 Mar 2009 | News story
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Ms. Dorienne Rowan Campbell, owner of Rowan's Royale, Jamaica

IUCN celebrates women's day

Celebrating the diversity of life and the belief that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature are the underlying philosophies of conservationist movements. Conservationism, indeed, derives from the profound self-criticism about the ways in which humanity interacts with other species of our global biodiversity. …  

08 Mar 2009 | News story

No hay tiempo que perder, en la lucha contra la crisis del agua

Los líderes que participarán en el Foro Mundial del Agua necesitan actuar ahora, para encontrar una solución a los desafíos que enfrenta el mundo con respecto al agua, señala UICN. …  

06 Mar 2009 | News story
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Earth Hour

Countdown to Earth Hour

IUCN is encouraging people across the world to switch off their lights for Earth Hour on March 28. …  

05 Mar 2009 | News story


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