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Marker for Bangkok, once on land, now submerged and surrounded by shrimp farms.

Insider's view: Bangkok part 2

The latest from IUCN's expert Claire Parker on the state of negotiations.  …  

06 Oct 2009 | News story
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Woman carrying wood and leaves

Bangkok must listen, says IUCN

IUCN Daily Media Statement: Some 450 million people live in and around Asia-Pacific forests. Their engagement is critical in the success of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degredation (REDD), which also includes conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhacement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+). Saving the world’s remaining forests must be part of any climate change deal that moves on from Bangkok to Copenhagen. …  

06 Oct 2009 | News story

Indigenous Woman, Ecuador

Indigenous peoples must be part of climate solution

IUCN Daily Media Statement:   Climate change impacts are already a realitiy for indigenous peoples. In many cases, their very survival is put at risk. High dependence on nature, the occupation of marginal lands, and a fragile situation in socio-economic and political terms make indigenous peoples especially vulnerable to climate change and extreme natural phenomena. …  

05 Oct 2009 | News story

Insider's view: Bangkok opening days

Bangkok: Part 1. IUCN's climate change expert Claire Parker gives her view on the opening days of the meeting. …  

05 Oct 2009 | News story
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Low lying flood area - Drasa, Lautoka, Fiji

IUCN Oceania Releases New Study on Economic Costs of 2009 Fiji Floods

Disasters, such as floods, can have devastating outcomes, particularly when sensitivities of people and economies are heightened by changes in the natural landscape, argues an IUCN report, Economic Costs of the 2009 Floods in the Fiji Sugar Belt and Policy Implications. …  

05 Oct 2009 | News story
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Dan and Sylvia urge 106 leaders to step up global protection of the ocean

Sylvia Earle and IUCN Invite World Leaders to Celebrate and Extend Ocean Protection

Today legendary underwater explorer and ocean ambassador Sylvia Earle teamed up with IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas in a historic move to send individual letters to 106 world leaders inviting them to join Sylvia in her wish to better protect the world’s oceans. …  

05 Oct 2009 | News story


IUCN welcomes ECOMAR as a new partner to the Seamounts Project

The Marine Ecology Laboratory of the University of Reunion (ECOMAR) has formally become a partner of the “UNDP/GEF Seamounts Project” led by IUCN, providing additional expertise and knowledge on seabirds ecology in the open ocean and areas of potential interest for future marine protected areas. …   | French

02 Oct 2009 | News story

Elections des membres du CLE de la Sirba

Le 3 septembre 2009, à Fada N’gourma s’est tenue l’Assemblée Générale constitutive du comité local de l’eau (CLE) du bassin versant de la Sirba.  

02 Oct 2009 | News story
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Director of SOPAC, Cristelle Pratt (middle) addressing participants at the meeting.

New Professional Body for the Pacific

A new professional network, the Pacific Resource and Environmental Economics Network (PREEN), was established at a technical workshop in Suva yesterday. …  

02 Oct 2009 | News story
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