Erfurt, Germany

Renaturing Cities - Using nature based solutions to address urban challenges

With 75% of European citizens living in urban areas, cities are facing great challenges in managing continuous transformation, ensuring the welfare of their inhabitants and safeguarding the natural environment. Several cities in Europe have taken steps to develop innovative approaches for addressing environmental challenges and the impacts of the economic crisis through the use of nature-based solutions. …  

20 May 2014 | News story

Blanket bog in the Pennines

Mainstreaming ecosystem-based approaches into regional government policies

At the recent Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe (ENCORE), which took place on 15/16 May in Munich, IUCN called on regional governmentdecision makers to invest in biodiversity and ecosystem management as part of their climate change adaptation and sustainable development efforts. …  

19 May 2014 | News story

Engraulis Encrasicolus

IUCN-Med and GFCM FAO renew commitment for a sustainable use of marine resources

The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med) signed this morning a new agreement with the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM – FAO) during the 38th session of the Commission to tighten links towards a sustainable use of marine resources. …   | French

19 May 2014 | News story

Arctic Fox (Alopex lagopus)

Hidden effects of climate change on species revealed in new study

A new study by partners of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI), including the IUCN Global Species Programme (GSP), has revealed that climate change’s effects on species may be occurring through a disruption of the fundamental interactions that exist between species within an ecosystem. …  

06 May 2014 | News story

Blanket bog of the Flow Country, Forsinard, UK

New Report highlights multiple benefits of peatland restoration around the world

Europe is rich in peatlands and these important ecosystems can bring environmental, social and economic benefits for communities and wildlife alike. A new report published today highlights innovative projects from around the globe which are helping restore and conserve our threatened peatlands. …  

29 Apr 2014 | News story

Coral Sea MPA Map

The Government of New Caledonia creates a big MPA in the Coral Sea– le parc naturel de la mer de Corail (nature park of the Coral Sea)

During its 23 April meeting, the government of New Caledonia adopted a decree to create le parc naturel de la mer de Corail. As stated by the president, Harold Martin, New Caledonia is adopting an integrated policy towards management of marine areas that are under its shared responsibility with the French Government. …  

23 Apr 2014 | News story


Conservation news from South Eastern Europe

The spring issue of the IUCN SEE e-Bulletin brings the nature conservation news from the region and invites the readers to learn about the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 themes. The focus section on IUCN website will be introducing the main themes of the Congress, showcasing the many ways protected areas benefit species and people. …  

17 Apr 2014 | News story

The American red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) is a freshwater turtle usually sold as a pet, and now introduced in several European countries where it represents an ecological threat for the indigenous fauna and flora.

European Parliament adopts legislation to tackle invasive alien species at EU level

The European Parliament today adopted legislative plans to prevent the introduction and manage the spread in the EU of invasive alien species (IAS) of plants, animals or insects that cause ecological and economic damage. The legislation aims to tackle the threat through better, more coordinated action by member states, and provides for a ban on species declared to be of “Union concern”. …  

16 Apr 2014 | News story

Asian rhinos

IUCN calls for strengthening international cooperation to tackle wildlife crime

Wildlife crime, including poaching, illegal harvesting and other illegal cross-border trade in biological resources taken from the wild, has reached worrying levels and become a serious transnationally organised criminal business, now representing the fourth largest illegal activity in the world after drug trafficking, counterfeiting and human trafficking. This can have potentially disastrous implications for the conservation of the trafficked species. …  

11 Apr 2014 | News story

Inaugural session of the regional workshop to identify EBSAs in the Mediterranean.

Cómo proteger la biodiversidad marina mediterránea más allá de la jurisdicción nacional

La necesidad de aumentar la superficie protegida de los océanos es urgente, y no solo por cumplir con los compromisos internacionales, sino porque el deterioro de los ecosistemas marinos va en aumento. El Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica (CDB) y el Plan de Acción para el Mediterráneo del Programa de Naciones Unidas (PAM-PNUMA) celebran del 7 al 11 de abril en Málaga (España), un taller regional para la identificación de Áreas Marinas de Importancia Ecológica o Biológica (AIEB o EBSAs en sus siglas en inglés) en el Mediterráneo. …   | English | French

07 Apr 2014 | News story

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