Call for abstracts: 3rd International Marine Protected Areas Congress

The French Marine Protected Areas Agency (MPAA) and IUCN are organizing the 3rd International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC3) in Marseille and Corsica from 21 October to 27 October 2013. …  

15 Feb 2013 | News story
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Floating market

A recipe linking nature and people

Have you ever wondered how to represent the links between nature and people in a simple way to facilitate decision making? A diverse group of experts share their tips in addressing this very challenge and suggest possible ingredients of such a representation. The hope is that this 'recipe' will help the work of the top new nature platform (IPBES) in relating biodiversity and its benefits to human well-being, sustainability and conservation. …  

25 Jan 2013 | News story

Sydney Harbour National Park

Se necesita líderes para el sexto Congreso Mundial de Parques de la UICN

El evento más grande e influyente del mundo que reune a personas involucradas en el manejo de parques y áreas protegidas, el Congreso Mundial de Parques de la UICN, busca líderes inspiradores que ayuden a posicionar a las áreas protegidas como soluciones a algunos de los mayores desafíos mundiales. …   | English

24 Jan 2013 | News story
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Lionfish swimming around the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Australia creates world’s largest network of marine reserves

In November 2012 the Australian Government announced the creation of the world’s largest network of marine reserves. The government proclaimed 44 marine reserves a network, covering 2.3 million square kilometres, a full third of Australia’s ocean territory. The reserves are home to 45 of the world’s 78 whale and dolphin species, six of the seven known species of marine turtle, and 4,000 fish species. The government received support from over 500,000 Australians, who commented positively on the creation of the network. …  

13 Dec 2012 | News story

Mitiaro, Southern Cook Islands

IUCN supports Cook Islands to create the world’s largest marine park

Gland, Switzerland, 15 November 2012 – IUCN has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Government of the Cook Islands to support the establishment of the world’s largest marine protected area – the Cook Islands Marine Park. …  

15 Nov 2012 | News story

The Fijian Crested Iguana on Yadua Taba Island, Fiji

Species from the Pacific added to IUCN Red List

New information for Pacific Island freshwater fishes, land snails and reptiles is part of the latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ released today by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). These data indicate that 32% of these species are threatened with extinction.   …  

18 Oct 2012 | News story
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Professor Thaman delivers his speech after receiving his award.

IUCN honours Professor Randolph Thaman

In recognition of his outstanding services to the conservation of nature and natural resources, Professor Randolph Robert Thaman of the University of the South Pacific was awarded an Honorary Membership of IUCN Award by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature at the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea. …  

24 Sep 2012 | News story
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Zhang Xinsheng

Elegido el nuevo Presidente de UICN

Zhang Xinsheng de China es el nuevo Presidente de IUCN. Fue elegido hoy en el Congreso para la Conservación Mundial de IUCN. …   | English | French

12 Sep 2012 | News story

IUCN logo

UICN acoge con beneplácito a 48 nuevos Miembros

El 5 de septiembre de 2012, el Consejo de la UICN, en su 79ª reunión, llevada a cabo durante el Congreso Mundial de la Naturaleza de la UICN, en Jeju, República de Corea, admitió a 48 nuevos Miembros. …   | English | French

06 Sep 2012 | News story

Village in Talise, Vanuatu

Vanuatu se incorpora a la Unión

El Gobierno de la República de Vanuatu ha anunciado oficialmente su decisión de unirse a la UICN y adherirse a sus Estatutos. El Ministerio de Tierras y Recursos Naturales ha sido designado por el Gobierno de la República de Vanuatu como su enlace con la Secretaría de la UICN. …   | English | French

24 Aug 2012 | News story

Oceania Regional Office