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Countdown to World Water Day!

Each year World Water Day (WWD) is celebrated on the 22nd of March, and has become one of the key dates on the UN calendar. The day marks a special focus on global water issues, with this year in particular global attention on water cooperation. …  

18 Mar 2013 | News story

BRIDGE global learning workshop, Lima, Peru

Intercambio de experiencias regionales sobre cooperación en temas de agua en Lima

El proyecto BRIDGE de la UICN "Construyendo diálogos y buena gobernanza del agua en los ríos", realiza un taller de Aprendizaje Global en Lima, Perú, para los actores más importantes de las 9 cuencas hidrográficas dónde actúa. Los coordinadores regionales de Asia, América del Sur y Mesoamérica se han unido para contribuir con puntos de vista fundamentales sobre el progreso del proyecto y la comprensión de los contextos políticos, sociales y económicos de sus países y cuencas. …   | English

13 Mar 2013 | News story
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The World We Want 2015

Post2015: Can there be enough water, energy, food for all?

This week, IUCN and the International Water Association (IWA) host an online consultation session on Infrastructure Solutions for the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus. As part of the UN's 'The World We Want' initiative, the consultation platform allows everyone to have their say on development issues post 2015, from 11-17 March with a particular focus on water, energy and food. …  

11 Mar 2013 | News story

Río Sixaola

New video: Integrando Fronteras / Integrating Borders

El video “Integrando Fronteras” resume la historia y trayectoria del Convenio sobre el Desarrollo Fronterizo Costa Rica Panamá …   | English

04 Mar 2013 | News story

Cemex factory

Blog: In good company - Learning about water management and risk

By James Dalton. It has been over three years since we first sat down with CEMEX, the global building materials company headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico. It was one of those meetings where we were not sure what they wanted to talk about apart from the general subject of ‘water’. …  

01 Mar 2013 | News story

Energy LI

Blog: Understanding the relationship between water, energy and food security

By Rebecca Welling. Recognition and understanding of the closely-bound interaction between water, energy and food production and use – the 'nexus' – is established in these sectors, but perhaps for many, ‘this nexus’ is still not entirely understood. …  

21 Feb 2013 | News story

Logo International Year of Water Cooperation

Launch of the International Year of Water Cooperation

The International Year of Water Cooperation was officially launched today by UNESCO during a high-level event, including scientists, UN agencies, government officials and youth groups in Paris, France. …  

11 Feb 2013 | News story

Brolgas, an inland wetland bird, in one of the many wetlands in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia.

Urgent need to focus on wetlands as natural solutions to global water crisis

A report on the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Water and Wetlands urges a major shift in our attitudes to wetlands, to recognise their value in delivering water, raw materials and food, essential for life, and crucial for maintaining people’s livelihoods and the sustainability of the world’s economies. …  

01 Feb 2013 | News story

Irrigation field

Call to action for Water, Energy, and Food Security

IUCN and the International Water Association (IWA) today launch the Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions.The goal is to building partnerships for innovation in water, food, and energy security. …  

31 Jan 2013 | News story

Mark Smith

Video interview: Mark Smith on Post 2015 Water Consultation

Mark Smith, Director IUCN Water, answers three key questions explaining the 'Water for Nature, Nature for Water' stream of the UN-led Post 2015 Water Consultation Process. This process, entitled 'The World We Want', gathers people's priorities and helps build a collective vision that will be used by the UN and World Leaders to plan a new development agenda launching in 2015, one based on the aspirations of all citizens. View the video and join in the live discussion taking place now! …  

30 Jan 2013 | News story

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