Foro Mundial del Agua: la naturaleza asume un papel central

La “infraestructura” natural, como las cuencas hidrográficas, bosques, lagos y humedales, juega un papel clave en el abordaje de las necesidades globales de agua y debe ser parte integral de los programas de gestión de los recursos hídricos de todos los países, afirma la UICN (Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza) en el Foro Mundial del Agua en Marsella. …   | English | French

10 Mar 2012 | News story

Woman voting on forest management in Ghana

IUCN’s world first: boosting women’s role in tackling climate change

International Women’s Day is the story of ordinary women making history. Today, the voices of women in Africa are being heard as they engage in action to limit climate change through deforestation. …  

08 Mar 2012 | News story

Children in Anggra-Arfak Mountains, West Papua

El futuro que queremos: preparándonos para Río + 20

Continúan los preparativos para Rio+20, la Conferencia de Naciones Unidas sobre Desarrollo Sostenible que se llevará a cabo en junio, con el lanzamiento del documento Borrador Versión Cero de la conferencia. …   | English

31 Jan 2012 | News story
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Experimenting with camera equipment and filming

Participatory Video in Northern Uganda

Participatory Video (PV) is an innovative way of empowering and sharing communities’ voices on development and environmental challenges and solutions.Training of PV was introduced by the IUCN Water Programme, following the objective to visually document projects and strengthen communication capacities. …  

16 Dec 2011 | News story


IUCN supports strategy on gender and climate change in Tanzania

About forty participants from various government ministries and civil society organizations in Tanzania met last week to develop a national strategy on gender and climate change. Hosted by the Division of Environment in the Vice President’s Office, the workshop was facilitated by the IUCN Tanzania office and the IUCN Global Gender Programme; and ran for three days from 28 to 30 September 2011. …  

04 Oct 2011 | News story
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Woman with baby at local water well, Zambia.

IUCN addresses food, water and energy security at UN meeting

IUCN Director General, Julia Marton-Lefèvre, chaired a high-level discussion on food, water and energy security during the recent meeting of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All. She championed the theme that energy, water and food security rely on ecosystem services and in order to safeguard them, we must invest in nature’s supporting role. …  

28 Sep 2011 | News story

UPU Letter Writing Competition Winners

Young writers' forest letter contest - Barbados and China win!

A Great Oak in Guyana’s Windsor Forest and an observant little tree ‘prepared to care for humanity’ helped 15-year-old Charlée Gittens from Barbados and 13-year-old Wang Sa from China to win gold medals in the Universal Postal Union’s 40th International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People. …  

19 Aug 2011 | News story

Purnima Rani Das from Chandpur

Speak up and change your life

In Bangladesh, IUCN and partners are transforming the lives of women and poor fishermen by giving them better access to natural resources and a louder voice in decisions on how these resources are managed. …  

08 Aug 2011 | News story

a Karen woman in her traditional house in Ob Luang National Park, Thailand

Think out of the box on gender and mitigation

The linkages between gender and mitigation might be less intuitive than is the case with adaptation, but understanding this relationship is imperative as it offers a unique platform to move away from the notion that women are victims, to an understanding that women are agents of change – capable of significantly strengthening our efforts on climate change. …  

14 Jul 2011 | News story

IUCN logo

La UICN da la bienvenida a 24 nuevos Miembros y 3 Comités Nacionales

El 25 de mayo de 2011, el Consejo de la UICN, en su 76ª reunión, admitió a 24 nuevos Miembros y reconoció oficialmente a 3 Comités Nacionales. …   | English | French

30 May 2011 | News story

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