Future uncertain

Three months after the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, leaking hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil into the ocean, Carl Gustaf Lundin, Head of IUCN's Global Marine Programme, gives his assessment of the impacts on the marine environment. He says there is much uncertainty about the long term effects on marine ecosystems which were already threatened by human activity before the spill occurred. …  

06 Aug 2010 | Audio

waves open sea

Drama on the high seas

The high seas are essentially the oceans’ no-man’s land - beyond national jurisdiction and with no comprehensive policy or management system to govern them. However, they contain some of the richest biodiversity on the planet, under increasing threat from many sources, including irresponsible fishing and shipping activities, pollution and climate change.  Kristina Gjerde is IUCN’s High Seas Policy Advisor. Here she explains how the high seas are governed.

03 Aug 2010 | Audio

Louisiana oil spill

Looking beyond the horizon

What will the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on marine ecosystems be and how long will these ecosystems take to recover? Listen to Dr Alex Rogers from the Zoological Society of London, Chair of IUCN’s Marine Invertebrate Red List Authority. …  

28 Jul 2010 | Audio

White Seabream

A sea of change - climate impacts on oceans and coastal communities

The impacts of climate change on the oceans are already felt by those living by the sea and depending on its resources for food and income. IUCN's Oceans and Climate Change Manager Jerker Tamelander describes those impacts and what is needed for communities to adapt to the new reality. …  

29 Jun 2010 | Audio


What lies beneath?

The oceans are home to awe-inspiring biodiversity, much of which is yet to be discovered. They also play a crucial role in our fight against climate change and are essential for the survival of millions of people around the world. And yet, we often forget about their importance and rarely realize how seriously they are threatened by human activity. Francois Simard is Deputy Head of IUCN’s Global Marine Programme. He explains the difference between marine ecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems. …  

03 Aug 2010 | Audio