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Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus)

Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Reserve and Brazil’s Cerrado face increasing threats – IUCN

IUCN raises concerns over the state of Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and Brazil’s Cerrado Protected Areas today at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting taking place in Bonn, Germany. …  

01 Jul 2015 | Article

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

IUCN advice to keep close watch on Great Barrier Reef fully backed

Bonn, Germany, 1 July 2015 (IUCN) – IUCN’s advice to continue close monitoring of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was adopted in full today at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting taking place in Bonn, Germany. …  

01 Jul 2015 | International news release

Western Gray Whale and ship.

IUCN seeks whale conservation experts to advise on energy development impacts

IUCN seeks applications from qualified individuals to serve on its independent scientific and technical advisory panel to minimize impacts on western gray whales during offshore oil and gas development and beyond in Sakhalin, in the Russian Far East. The application deadline is 20 August 2015. …   | Russian

29 Jun 2015 | News story

SOS - Save Our Species, Manis javanica, Sunda Pangolin, Dan Challender

SOS and Fondation Segré announce new International Pangolin Conservation Initiative

This week, as the world’s first ever Pangolin Range States workshop takes place in Da Nang Province, Vietnam, SOS and Fondation Segré are delighted to announce a two-year international Pangolin Conservation Initiative taking place in Cameroon, Thailand and China. …  

26 Jun 2015 | News story

Rennell Este, Islas Salomón

La UICN advierte de que el cambio climático y las represas amenazan el Patrimonio Mundial natural

El cambio climático y los proyectos de construcción de represas de gran envergadura están poniendo en peligro los sitios de Patrimonio Mundial natural, afirma la UICN (Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza), órgano consultivo oficial sobre la naturaleza del Comité del Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO que se reunirá este domingo en Bonn, Alemania. …   | English | French | Dutch

25 Jun 2015 | International news release

Lion (Panthera leo)

Actualización de la Lista Roja de la UICN: éxitos de conservación ensombrecidos por más declive de las especies

Gracias a exitosas acciones de conservación, se han acrecentado las poblaciones del lince ibérico y del lobo fino de Guadalupe, mientras que el gato dorado africano, el león marino de Nueva Zelandia y el león se ven cada vez más amenazados, según la última actualización de la Lista Roja de Especies Amenazadas de la UICN™. El 99% de las orquídeas asiáticas “zapatilla de dama” , que se cuentan entre las plantas ornamentales más preciadas del planeta, se encuentran actualmente en peligro de extinción. …   | English | French | German | Dutch

23 Jun 2015 | International news release

13A-062-002 72 DPI_Timneh_Grey_©_World_Parrot Trust

Uncovering the secret lives of Timneh Parrots

Given the large numbers in captivity around the world, it seems incredible that almost nothing is known of the lives of wild Timneh parrots (Psittacus timneh).   …  

21 Jun 2015 | News story

UN Member States formally adopt a resolution for the introduction of legal measures to protect the high seas

A major step towards a legally-binding deal for the high seas

Another significant step towards improved protection and management of the high seas was achieved today as UN Member States formally adopted a resolution for the development of legal measures to conserve marine biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction. …  

19 Jun 2015 | News story

Building drought resilience in Uganda and Kenya

From drought-stricken to stewards rising

Over 12 million hectares of productive land are lost each year due to desertification and drought, resulting in a further loss of 20 million tons of grain that could have been grown. Every year the international community marks 17 June as World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought to raise awareness of this global threat.  …  

17 Jun 2015 | News story


IUCN Members to review draft IUCN Programme for 2017-2020

The draft IUCN Programme for 2017-2020 has been submitted by the Director General to all IUCN Members for a six-month consultation process. …   | French

10 Jun 2015 | Article