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IUCN Members in Malawi speak on the environmental situation

The Malawi National Committee of IUCN Members met recently to discuss national environmental issues affecting the country. The Committee includes leading environmental organizations in the country such as the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi (WESM), the Coordinating Union for the Rehabilitation of the Environment (CURE), the Malawi Environmental Endowment Trust (MEET), the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA) and Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT). The Malawi National Committee of IUCN Members was formed in November 2011 by members of IUCN in Malawi to, among other things, influence the conservation and development agenda in Malawi. …  

04 Apr 2012 | News story
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IUCN French Committee

IUCN National Committee in France advocates for regional biodiversity strategies

After drawing up an inventory of regional biodiversity strategies in January 2010, IUCN National Committee in France is now advocating for their reinforcement by publishing guidelines to facilitate their further development and implementation throughout France.  …  

03 Apr 2012 | News story
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New Zealand fur seal (arctocephalus forsteri)

Call for social animals

Now is the time to put your creative hat on and tease the interest of your peers – because we are calling for participants and partners to organize social and cultural events. …  

02 Apr 2012 | News story


Did you know that almost 25% of Spain’s land is included in Natura 2000?

Protected areas in Spain cover more than 15 million hectares, representing over 27% of its land area. And almost a quarter of the whole Spanish territory is part of the Natura 2000 Network which this year is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This month, the IUCN National Committee and Member organizations in Spain showcase their activities and achievements in nature conservation in the third edition of the IUCN European Country Focus. …  

02 Apr 2012 | News story
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Forum web-spaces for the 2012 IUCN Congress

El Foro del Congreso a solo unos clics

Optimice su experiencia en el Foro y visite los espacios web dedicados, que han sido específicamente diseñados para facilitar el acceso a información de interés relacionada con el evento. …   | English | French

01 Apr 2012 | News story

IUCN’s impact on global conservation

Impacto de la UICN en la conservación global

Mientras continúan avanzando los preparativos para el Congreso Mundial de la Naturaleza 2012, echamos un vistazo al impacto que estos eventos tienen en la conservación internacional de la naturaleza. …   | English | French

01 Apr 2012 | News story

SOS, Mangrove Finch

Save Our Species funds Mangrove Finch project on Galapagos Islands

Swen Lorenz, Chief Executive of the Charles Darwin Foundation, an IUCN member organization, visited IUCN HQs in order to sign a grant agreement with SOS - Save Our Species to protect the Mangrove Finch (Camarhynchus heliobates) which is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The Mangrove Finch is the rarest of the 13 species of Darwin Finches with an estimated remaining population of 100 individuals found only in two locations on the Galapagos Islands. …  

29 Mar 2012 | News story


New York Third Intersessional Meeting : Day Two

The day started with a meeting for civil society to express their concerns to the Bureau of the Rio+20 conference. Civil society groups expressed concerns about governments bracketing issues related to human rights and equity principles. There is an open letter for signature entitled Rights at Risk at the United Nations which can be accessed at and if you want to hear and see how angry civil society is, .... …  

29 Mar 2012 | News story
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Male one year

Reintroducción del rebeco después de 150 años de ausencia

Un programa de reintroducción llevado a cabo por la Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre  (FNYH), Miembro de UICN desde 1997, ha llevado a un incremento de un 47% en los nacimientos con  respecto a 2010. …   | English

29 Mar 2012 | Article
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Family photo of CeUICN members during annual meeting

El CeUICN pone rumbo a Jeju 2012

El Comité Español de la UICN (CeUICN) y sus miembros se reunirán el 11 y 12 de abril en Vitoria (Capital Verde Europea) para debatir y consensuar las mociones que presentarán en el V Congreso Mundial de la Naturaleza, dando continuidad así al proceso participativo iniciado en 2007, previo al Congreso de Barcelona. …   | English

28 Mar 2012 | Article
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