Sixaola River Basin Binational Commission (CBCRS) Restructures and Strengthens

02 December 2013 | News story

CBCRS chooses a new coordinating unit and ratifies members at its first binational assembly under the new bylaws approved in January 2013.

November 18, 2013. The Sixaola River Basin Binational Commission was created in 2009 as the top-level body for strategic management of the project, Integrated Management of Ecosystems in the Sixaola Binational River Basin (“Binational Project”).

Because of the commission’s significant potential as entity responsible for basin governance, the Executive Secretariats of the Costa Rica-Panama Convention on Border Development, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Binational Project decided to work together for the Commission’s strengthening and continuity.

As part of this process, in January 2013 regulations were approved for the establishment of commission bylaws. The first Assembly held under these regulations on November 18th officialized a restructuring of membership and inclusion of more representatives of civil society and indigenous authorities.

Representing a wide range of sectors, the assembly’s 32 participants selected Juan Carlos Barrantes, representative of producer associations in Costa Rica, to serve as Coordinator of CBCRS. He will be assisted by Alfredo López, who represents development organizations in Panama.

These designations reflect recognition of civil society as key stakeholder in the organization’s decision-making processes and binationality. At its next assembly, the Sixaola River Watershed Commission will be discussing a new road map of coordinated work for the basin’s sustainable management.

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*IUCN supports the process thanks to the BRIDGE project: Building River Dialogue and Governance (funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation-SDC).