kids at Krogard school, Denmark, describing their environmental campaign to Carl Gustaf Lundin, IUCN Head of Global Marine Programme.

Kids as climate change advisors - Danish eco-schools

The Danish Outdoor Council, a member of IUCN, awards green flags to 'eco-schools' around Denmark, where children learn about environmental issues and get their families to commit to save CO2 in their daily lives. IUCN visited the Krogard school in Greve, 30 km south of Copenhagen, where kids and their families were affected by serious floods in 2005 and 2007. Eigil Larsen from the Outdoor Council explains the importance of educating about climate change and a green way of life, in Denmark and beyond. …  

12 Dec 2009 | Audio
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Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Revenir à la nature - Message de la Directrice générale de l'UICN pour Copenhague

Le futur accord qui succèdera au protocole de Kyoto en 2012 doit puiser des solutions aux changements climatiques dans la nature, nous explique Julia Marton-Lefèvre …  

27 Nov 2009 | Audio

Coral reefs 13, Koh Bon island, Thailand

Climate change and the oceans - expectations of IUCN's marine expert

Carl Gustaf Lundin, Head of IUCN's Marine Programme outlines his views on the upcoming Copenhagen climate talks. …  

27 Nov 2009 | Audio