When you give a scientist a video camera

Scientists can learn to tell compelling stories and make high-quality videos at training workshops run by CEC member Jeff Morales of ScienceFilm – modern communication for modern science.

Modern communication for modern science Photo: ScienceFilm.com

ScienceFilm is on a mission to train scientists to communicate science and natural history by telling compelling stories and creating professional-quality videos. “We help you get your story out of the Ivory Tower and onto YouTube,” says ScienceFilm founder Jeff Morales, a new member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC).

Short immersion workshops from 1 to 21 days are offered in science and natural history filmmaking. “We can teach you the storytelling and technical skills you need to craft visual narratives, no experience necessary,” Jeff explains. Participants include scientists, conservationists, members of nongovernmental organizations, and nature enthusiasts.

Workshop topics include story selection, writing, camera technique, voiceovers, video and audio production, basic video and audio editing, project output, and distribution. These technical elements underpin the main focus of the workshops: effective storytelling through video. The “hands-on” approach is emphasized, and participants put concepts introduced in lecture into daily practice.

Visit the ScienceFilm website and ScienceFilm blog. Recent posts feature best practices for sustainable filmmaking, the roots of science filmmaking, and video as a teaching tool.

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