WANI provides participatory platforms for water decisions in West Africa

11 November 2010 | News story

As part of the West Africa Regional Dialogue on hydraulic infrastructures initiated by ECOWAS, local communities are invited to participate with State and Basin organisations towards the decision making processes of hydro-electric dams.

Two forums were jointly organized by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and IUCN in West Africa. For the Senegal river Basin the forum took place in Nouakchott, Mauritania and the forum for the Niger river Basin was conducted in Selingue, Mali. The final objectives of these two forums aimed at drawing recommendations from West African communities to reinforce their contribution to the decision making processes and management of large hydraulic infrastructures.

This regional dialogue process helps non specialist actors to better appropriate terms on dams within a debate. The hydraulic terms and jargons are often of a very technical nature and difficult to understand. Hence, the community dialogue allows all stakeholders involved to learn and be a part of the debate in an open and participatory forum”, said Ousmane Diallo, Water Coordinator for West Africa.

Participants of the West Africa Regional dialogue rolled out a strategy for the continuation of the process with the appointment of participants to represent civil society and carry out recommendations for future meetings organised by ECOWAS.

The final objective of the Dialogue Forum aims at including communities in the drawing up of a Directive, directly designed for decision-making processes and management of large hydraulic works so to achieve sustainable projects with a participatory approach.

For more information, please contact Ousmane.diallo@iucn.org