Sustainable Water Integrated Management in the Mediterranean

 Sustainable Water Integrated Management Programme (SWIM) programme  has started its network of demonstration activities in the Meditereanean. …  

13 Dec 2012 | Article
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Borjomi Forest

Piloting the Forest Landscape Restoration Approach

In Georgia, the area covered by forests is approximately 2.8 million hectares which is about 40% of the country’s territory. Forest plays an essential role in the economic and social life of the country. The relationship between people and the natural resources of a landscape, they live in, is a complex one. People can depend heavily on their surrounding resources for subsistence aspects of their daily life. …  

13 Dec 2012 | Project completed
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Cambodian journalists interviewed one of Koh Kapik community leaders, Koh Kong province, Cambodia.

Job Vacancy: Communications Officer at IUCN Cambodia

IUCN, International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Cambodia Project Office in Phnom Penh seeks to recruit a self-motivated and competent staff for the position of Communications Officer, Directly reporting to Senior Programme Officer, IUCN Cambodia Office and additionally to Programme Coordinator Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.   …  

13 Dec 2012 | Article

Workshop on Protected Area Databases and Management, Beijing, China

IUCN China and UNEP-WCMC host Workshop on Protected Area databases and management

On 27 November, UNEP-WCMC and IUCN China hosted a workshop on protected areas databases in China, “China National Workshop on Protected Areas”. The workshop is part of UNEP-WCMC’s project to strengthen the information base in Asia, held in the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA), through review by experts. The objectives of the workshop were to discuss the application of IUCN Management Categories in China and to initiate a process of more sustainable data flows, including updates to the WDPA. …   | Chinese

13 Dec 2012 | Article

Francesco Framarin

Francesco Framarin: The Return of the Bearded vulture to Gran Paradiso National Park

The last documented shooting of a Bearded vulture, Gypaetus barbatus, in the Alps took place in 1912, in a valley which is now included in the Italian Gran Paradiso National Park (Western Alps). Exactly 100 years later, two pairs of vultures successfully bred in the same area. Those birds originate from an international project started in 1978, which continues to this day. The successful project was preceded by close to eight years of uncertainties and failures, evidence of the difficulties and great expense of time needed to reintroduce a species after its extinction. …  

12 Dec 2012 | Fact sheet

Environmental Education and Communications Roundtable Discussion & Members’ Meeting

Environmental Education and Communications play a critical role in the world’s transition to sustainable living: how do we perceive our connection to nature, how do we change our consumption pattern and the production process of goods? How much do we know and value biodiversity? How do we describe China’s environmental education, its concept and needs? Representatives from Government, education, NGO and private sector will be sharing their experiences and describe the challenges and priorities for Environmental Education and Communications.
  | Chinese

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Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Strengthening IUCN in Europe: Message by IUCN Director General

Dear Members, partners and friends, …  

11 Dec 2012 | News story
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Lifou Island

Building a vision for Pacific Islands

The Pacific Oceanscape, proposed in 2009 by the Hon. Anote Tong, Prime Minister of Kiribati, and endorsed by Pacific Island leaders in 2010, fosters cooperation on ocean conservation. It provides a strong vision for conservation and sustainable management of the Pacific’s wealth of marine resources.   …  

10 Dec 2012 | Article
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