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Création d’un site internet au service de l’écotourisme en Méditerranée

Le réseau MEET a pour objectif d’améliorer la coopération entre les aires protégées méditerranéennes et le tourisme durable. …   | English | Spanish

18 Sep 2014 | News story

Cambio climático y futuro de los páramos: ¿qué sabemos?

Cambio climático y futuro de los páramos: ¿qué sabemos?

Los páramos son ecosistemas fundamentales para la regulación del ciclo hidrológico, el almacenamiento de carbono atmosférico y es un corredor biológico para diversas especies de flora y fauna. Así como un espacio con una alta riqueza cultural y étnica que lo hacen único en el mundo. …  

18 Sep 2014 | News story

Luc Bas, Director, IUCN EU Representative Office

Will the new EU Commission assure Europe’s leadership on sustainable development?

IUCN EU Representative Office's Director Luc Bas reflects on the likely impact of the new European Commission line-up on the EU's environment policy for the coming five years. …  

17 Sep 2014 | News story

The vaquita of the Gulf of California is well on its way to extinction. The cause is bycatch in fishing nets

IUCN calls for immediate action to prevent the Vaquita’s extinction

Despite conservation efforts, numbers of Vaquita, a small porpoise found only in Mexico, have continued to decline, from around 600‐800 animals in the early 1990s to about 100 animals today, according to the latest report of the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita (CIRVA). …  

16 Sep 2014 | News story

Kesaia Tabunakawai of WWF and Taholo Kami of IUCN signing the memorandum of understanding between the two organizations

Global conservation organizations to partner together in the Pacific

Two of the world’s largest conservation organizations, IUCN and WWF, have agreed to formalize the collaboration of their efforts in the Pacific Islands to help the region achieve sustainable development and resource management. …  

12 Sep 2014 | News story


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