New Coordinator for Poverty Reduction and Environnemental Management Initiative (PREMI)

05 November 2012 | News story

Mr. Maxime Somda is the new coordinator of the Poverty Reduction and Environnemental Management Initiative (PREMI) within PACO. Starting 1st November 2012, based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

A Burkina Faso citizen, Mr. SOMDA is a Civil Engineer. He undertook several training courses in projects management, Integrated Water Management, procurement and environment.

Mr. SOMDA was employed by the Ministry of water in 1990 and began working at the Authority of Development of Sourou Valley as deputy director of control, monitoring and management of irrigated perimeters. Five years later, he moved to Bagre project in SNC-LAVALIN office for studies and work control of 2100 hectares in the downstream of Bagré dam. After Bagré, he becomes Director of dams and irrigation and President of Bagré office administration council. Before joining IUCN he was the head of monitoring and evaluation for water sector; he is also the African M&E Focal Point for water sector evaluation. He travelled around the world for official missions.

Mr. SOMDA often contracted with international institutions as specialist in water and sanitation.
He is General Secretary of the association of Engineers in civil engineering of Burkina and members of several other professional associations. So he participated in several conferences in Africa, Europe, Asia and America.