Sugar cane farm

Feeding a growing population - new initiative joins conservation and agriculture

A year ago, when global leaders met in Rio de Janeiro to shape the future of sustainable development, ensuring food security and sustainable agriculture was central to their discussions. As the world faces ongoing food crises, extreme weather and population growth, IUCN and partners led by Bioversity International, have launched an initiative to develop solutions to food security. …  

15 Aug 2013 | News story

Arabian Oryx, Qatar

Saving species by translocation – new IUCN Guidelines

A new publication by IUCN has set a precedent for deliberately moving plants and animals for conservation purposes around the world. Based on 30 years of experience and pioneering reintroductions such as the Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx) in Oman, the Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) in Brazil and the Red Wolf (Canis rufus) in the USA, and many other plants and animals subsequently, this publication is an essential guide to the contentious but increasingly necessary action of translocating species. …  

12 Aug 2013 | News story

Arabian Oryx

New Guidelines on conservation translocations published by IUCN

As the world’s biodiversity faces the incessant threats of habitat loss, invasive species and climate change, there is an increasing need to consider more direct conservation interventions. Humans have moved organisms between sites for their own purposes for millennia, and this has yielded benefits for human kind, but in some cases has led to disastrous impacts. In response to this complex aspect of conservation management, the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) Reintroduction Specialist Group (RSG) and Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) have revised and published the IUCN ‘Guidelines for Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations’. …  

12 Aug 2013 | News story

National Park Brijuni

Croatia: a country of more than 1,000 islands

Croatia joined the European Union and became the 28th Member State on 1 July 2013. This historic achievement brings new perspectives for Croatia and lays ground for an efficient enforcement of international standards and EU policies on nature conservation. It should also serve as great impetus for the other countries in South-Eastern Europe to continue with EU accession processes. …  

07 Aug 2013 | News story
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Seasonal Harvest

Planning the first IPBES harvest

How could 100+ IPBES State Members effectively participate in the forthcoming Platform’s activities 2014-2018? IUCN recommends improving the current plan with priority given to capacity-building activities, setting up science-policy dialogues at national level, specifying burning conservation issues to tackle and harnessing the work of IUCN to the greatest extent. …  

06 Aug 2013 | News story

Lulworth Skipper (Thymelicus acteon), Eifel, Germany

European butterflies under threat of extinction

According to the recent report of the European Environment Agency (EEA), European grassland butterflies have declined dramatically by almost 50% over two decades. This study highlights an alarming trend for butterflies and complements the assessment by the European Red List of Butterflies conducted by IUCN. …  

26 Jul 2013 | News story
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Cover of the publication "Mediterranean MPAs and climate change"

Les Aires Marines Protegées méditerranéennes jouent un rôle majeur dans la compréhension des effets du changement climatique

Le changement climatique risque d’avoir de graves répercussions sur les habitats de la faune et la flore de la Méditerranée, mais son impact variera en fonction des régions méditerranéennes et des aires marines protégées (AMPs) de chaque région. L’UICN publie un guide qui analyse les menaces et effets du changement climatique sur la biodiversité marine méditerranéenne et propose aux gestionnaires des AMPs des outils pour suivre et atténuer ces évolutions.   …   | English | Spanish

24 Jul 2013 | News story

Nature landscape, Croatia

Conserving biodiversity requires adequate funding, say EU Environment ministers

“IUCN welcomes the outcomes of the Informal Meeting of EU Environment Ministers earlier this week. It shows that Ministers are committed to the EU 2020 biodiversity targets. It is essential that adequate resources are allocated for implementing the necessary measures for biodiversity” says Luc Bas, Director of IUCN European Union Representative Office.  …  

19 Jul 2013 | News story
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Eye and globe

Évaluation et évolution : mettre la barre plus haut pour le prochain Congrès

L'évaluation du Congrès indique que les participants étaient très satisfaits du Congrès mondial de la nature 2012 de l'UICN. C’est en effet une chance unique de débattre sur une vaste gamme de sujets liés à la biodiversité en laissant la place à la créativité, loin des évènements trop focalisés ou des organismes décisionnaires hautement politisés. Le Congrès de l’UICN, et notamment le Forum, sont vus comme une niche parfaite offrant des opportunités de partage et d’engagement inégalées. …   | English | Spanish

10 Jul 2013 | News story

Simulation d'une manifestation de rue par des enfants à l'ouverture de la 9ème rencontre "Maroc-UE"

Un mois de juin riche en activités pour le Club de l’Environnement de l'association marocaine Ribat Al Fath

Membre de l'UICN depuis 2003, l'association marocaine Ribat Al Fath pour le Développement Durable œuvre au développement économique, social, culturel et environnemental de la ville de Rabat et de sa région. Son Club de l'Environnement (CE), constitué d’une centaine de hauts cadres spécialisés dans les différents domaines de l’environnement, vise à inciter les décideurs à renforcer la politique environnementale et l’intégrer pleinement dans la stratégie de développement économique et social du pays. Voici un aperçu de ses activités du mois de juin dernier.   …  

08 Jul 2013 | News story

Mediterranean Regional Office