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Against All Odds

Daily news reports of poaching to fuel the international trade in rhino horn seem to paint a bleak future for many of the five rhinoceros species all listed as threatened by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It seems the pressure of hunting could crush this pachyderm’s prospects for survival. But there is hope and SOS is proud to be part of the solution that can deliver meaningful and measurable conservation impacts on the ground. …  

10 Apr 2013 | News story

Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda

Intervention led by IUCN experts stops import of Asian horseshoe crabs into USA

The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Species Survival Commission (SSC) is a network of experts who provide knowledge and advice on species and a wide range of conservation issues. Recently, the IUCN SSC Horseshoe Crab Specialist Group proved how successful this network can be at influencing conservation action by leading an intervention that has led to an import ban on Asian horseshoe crabs destined to be bait in the USA. …  

08 Apr 2013 | News story

Sir David Attenborough and Dr Mike Rands at the launch of the Cambridge Conservation Campus

New campus for world’s largest conservation 'cluster'

An insightful lecture by Sir David Attenborough at the UK's University of Cambridge Senate House marked the launch this week of the Cambridge Conservation Campus. The campus will become the hub for the world’s largest conservation cluster, the Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) of which IUCN is a member. …  

03 Apr 2013 | News story

Bradypodion damaranum

Large-scale phylogeny of chameleons suggests African origins and Eocene diversification

New data based on >90% of described chameleon taxa reveals African origin! …  

02 Apr 2013 | News story
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Karina Atkinson 2012 Young Laureate

Rolex Young Laureate leads conservation in Paraguay

A trip to Paraguay in 2008 changed the life of Karina Atkinson, a young woman from Glasgow, Scotland, with big ambitions. She fell in love with the country and set up Para La Tierra, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca, the site of a natural lake that lies at the meeting point of three major eco-regions. …  

26 Mar 2013 | News story

Baldellia ranunculoides subspecies repens

WWT - IUCN partnership will help plants and wetlands

A new partnership has been agreed between the IUCN SSC Freshwater Plant Specialist Group (FPSG) and the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) that will improve wetland conservation and help save threatened plants. …  

21 Mar 2013 | News story


Students help replant Nantu forest

Marking the International Day of Forests 2013 today, Dr Lynn Clayton, Project director with YANI an SOS grantee, and her young friend Yanto, report on one of several tree planting initiatives helping to build awareness and community support for the preservation of the Nantu forest as well as its threatened species including the Babirusa and Anoa in Sulawesi.  …  

20 Mar 2013 | News story

31 March to 4 April, 2013

Saving the Sumatran Rhino

With the number of Sumatran Rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) estimated to be less than 200 and declining rapidly, urgent action is needed to save this species from extinction. …  

15 Mar 2013 | News story

Grauer's Gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri)

Grauer’s Gorilla caught in the crossfire of conflict

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other world leading conservation organisations have joined together to fight for the survival of the Endangered Grauer’s Gorilla, also known as the Eastern Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri). …  

13 Mar 2013 | News story

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)

New data on African elephant populations released

The fifth update on the status of the African elephant released today covers 37 range States and includes new or updated information for 194 sites, including 39 new survey areas, mainly in Eastern and Central Africa. …  

01 Mar 2013 | News story

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