Sugarcane processing plant, Piraciaba, Brazil

Don’t wait to produce renewable energy sustainably, urges IUCN

A hands-on guide to producing bioenergy without harming the environment was launched today by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to coincide with the World Future Energy summit in Abu Dhabi.  

21 Jan 2009 | News story

Women carrying wood

Women feel the heat of climate change

Women’s lives are more at risk than men’s because of climate change, according to IUCN. Climate change will affect all countries, but poor women in developing countries will be disproportionately affected. Despite this, most of the UNFCCC debate on climate so far has been gender-blind. …  

08 Dec 2008 | News story

International Women Entrepreneurs Fair

Congress creates fair opportunities for women

Women have been juggling their families with trade for generations. The International Women Environmental Entrepreneurs Fair at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona highlights the economic, social and environmental inputs that women entrepreneurs bring to their countries and the world through their green enterprises.

06 Oct 2008 | News story

Barcelona Congress

Apply now for the Business Night School

Three-hour long Learning Opportunities will equip non-business delegates to the IUCN World Conservation Congress with knowledge and skills to work with business on contributing to ecosystem management solutions. Each evening (6-8 October), four sessions will run in parallel on (1) business basics, (2) partnerships, (3) communication and (4) tools, using case examples from a wide variety of sectors including energy, agri-business, advertising and communication technology. …   | Spanish

08 Jul 2008 | News story

Indigenous Woman, Ecuador

UICN fétér Journée Internationale des Femes

Cette année, à l’occasion de la journée internationale des femmes, l’UICN veut fêter l’équité et l’égalité des genres dans le secteur environnemental avec une reconnaissance à nos collègues hommes qui appuient le renforcement de pouvoir des femmes. En même temps, nous voulons annoncer l’initiative internationale de la Foire des Femmes  Entreprenantes pour l’Environnement qui aura lieu au cours du Congrès Mondial pour la Nature. …   | English | Spanish

08 Mar 2008 | News story

Woman selling scarfs in a market in Bali

Foire Internationale des Femmes Entreprenantes pour l’Environnement

L’UICN utilisera le cadre offert par le Congrès Mondial pour la  Conservation de la Nature pour organiser la Foire Internationale des Femmes Entreprenantes pour l’Environnement. Cette Foire est une initiative globale unique et innovatrice qui visualisera les apports économiques, sociaux et environnementaux de ces femmes.  | English | Spanish

07 Mar 2008 | News story

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