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Aviation industry should target efficiencies not algae

In this World Radio Switzerland interview, IUCN’s Nadine McCormick comments on claims from the 4th annual Aviation and Environment Summit in Geneva that algae is the future energy source for aviation.


01 Apr 2009 | News story
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The way forward on sustainable use

Achieving the sustainable use of natural resources is central to IUCN’s mission and an issue that involves many parts of the Union 

01 Apr 2009 | News story

33rd GFCM in Tunis

GFCM: the Mediterranean consensus!

The 33rd Session of the GFCM (General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean) was held in Tunis from March 23 to 27, 2009. …  

31 Mar 2009 | News story

Farasan's Reef

Farasan Banks Expedition Ready to Launch

From April 4 – 28, 2009, a four-year collaborative coral reef research program along the Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia will be completed with an expedition to the Farasan Banks. …  

31 Mar 2009 | News story

Ninth Conference of the Parties to the CBD

Message from Bonn puts ecosystem services at centre stage

On 9 and 10 March, 50 distinguished participants gathered in Bonn for a high-level meeting called for the German Presidency to the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Conference of the Parties (CBD COP), to discuss the scope and nature of future global targets on biodiversity. 

30 Mar 2009 | News story

Private Sector

Make sure rescue package is green, G20 told

A new global coalition of environmental, development, business and labour groups calls on the G-20 to make sure the financial stimulus package they are discussing this week is an inclusive and green one. …  

30 Mar 2009 | News story

Les 12 paysages du Bassin du Congo

La Banque Africaine de Développement (BAD) contribue à la conservation des écosystèmes du Bassin du Congo.

Le programme d'appui à la conservation des écosystèmes du Bassin du Congo (PACEBCo) vient d’être approuvé par le Conseil d'Administration de la Banque Africaine de Développement (BAD). Ce programme vise à assurer la régénération des écosystèmes et améliorer les conditions de vie des populations et le renforcement des institutions en charge du plan de convergence de la Commission des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale (COMIFAC). …   | English

27 Mar 2009 | News story
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Barnard's Rock-catfish (Austroglanis barnardi) 2009 IUCN Red List status: Endangered

South African fishes in the spot light

For the first time, conservation action plans are being developed to protect South African fishes from extinction. …  

25 Mar 2009 | News story

mano de muerto (alcyonium glomeratum)

La mer d’Alboran reste l’objet de l’attention internationale pour la conservation de sa biodiversité et son développement durable

La mer d’Alboran se situe dans la partie la plus occidentale de la mer Méditerranée, au centre de la région géologique de l’Arc de Gibraltar.     …   | English | Spanish

24 Mar 2009 | News story

RSB image

Planning for a sustainable energy future: IUCN reacts to Shell’s Strategy Update

Last week Shell repeated its intention to disinvest in wind and solar power and concentrate its efforts and investments on biofuels. IUCN takes note of Shell’s decision and hopes that it can be convinced to show more leadership in renewable energy in the future. …  

23 Mar 2009 | News story


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