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Camel caravan in Komadugu Yobe river basin, North East Nigeria

Les populations autochtones jouent un rôle crucial dans la façon d’affronter les changements climatiques – UICN

Les populations autochtones du monde entier vont devoir payer les changements climatiques au prix fort – mais elles sont aussi armées de savoirs traditionnels pour survivre à leurs effets. …   | English

17 Mar 2008 | International news release

WWF and IUCN launch new green on-line community for youth, supported by Nokia

Two of the world’s largest environmental organizations, WWF and IUCN, supported by Nokia, are launching for young people to tell the world what they think about the environment …  

07 Mar 2008 | International news release

Sumatran Tiger with visible snare wounds,
Medan Zoo, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Body part by body part, Sumatran Tigers are being sold into extinction

Laws protecting the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger have failed to prevent tiger body parts being offered on open sale in Indonesia, according to a TRAFFIC report launched today. …  

13 Feb 2008 | International news release

Fish at market

Corruption in fisheries – from bad to worse

Corruption in global fisheries is compounding the devastating effects of overfishing – and the problem could get worse, according to IUCN today …  

29 Jan 2008 | International news release

Bleached coral head, Bahamas.

Corals: facing the death sentence

The future for corals does not look bright. That’s the message from the first in-depth analysis of 2005’s widespread coral bleaching in the Caribbean …  

23 Jan 2008 | International news release

Even deep-water marine communities are under threat from climate change.

Nations urged to adopt global vision to save oceans from climate-accelerated collapse

On Tuesday 18 December at the United Nations General Assembly, the World Conservation Union (IUCN), the only conservation organization with official observer status at the UN, called for the rapid development of a network of marine protected areas to help the oceans cope with climate change. …  

20 Dec 2007 | International news release

Phytoplankton bloom off Argentina.

Proposed global warming solution needs more scientific research, IUCN warns

A new method to combat global warming by dumping iron into the sea needs to be treated with caution, governments and scientists warn. …  

19 Nov 2007 | International news release

Shortfin Mako

La Mer Méditerranée est le site le plus dangereux au monde pour les requins et les raies

Plus de 40% des espèces de requin et de raie de la Méditerranée sont menacées d'extinction, selon un nouveau rapport de l'UICN – l’Union Mondiale pour la Nature  | English | Spanish

16 Nov 2007 | International news release

Lisbon marks major shift in convergence between business and biodiversity

Companies, governments, European Union and NGOs reach agreement on next steps 

13 Nov 2007 | International news release

Asiatic black bear

Six espèces d’ours sur huit sont menacées d’extinction

D’après les récentes évaluations des Groupes CSE/UICN des spécialistes des ours et de l’ours blanc, l’Asie et l’Amérique du Sud se sont avérées être les régions qui ont le plus besoin de conservation active  | English | Spanish

12 Nov 2007 | International news release