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Conservación y cooperación internacional del Ibis eremita en Marruecos

Conservation de l' Ibis Eremita

L’Ibis chauve est l’une des espèces d’oiseaux les plus menacées dans le monde. …   | English | Spanish

09 Jun 2011 | Event


IUCN NL Committee disagrees with ODA policy

Prompted by a budget cut for Official Development Assistance (ODA), the Dutch government has announced that ecosystems and the environment will no longer be at the core of its development aid. IUCN National Committee of The Netherlands (IUCN NL) regrets this decision. …  

09 Jun 2011 | Article

Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus), Least Concern

Une chance pour la survie des espèces d'eau douce d'Afrique

Gland, Suisse, 9 Juin 2011 (UICN) – L'Afrique a une occasion unique de conserver l’immense diversité de ses espèces d'eau douce - une ressource essentielle pour de nombreuses personnes parmi les plus pauvres d’Afrique. Les pays africains peuvent désormais décider d’utiliser leurs ressources en eau de manière durable, et éviter de payer des millions de dollars, comme c'est le cas en Europe, pour remédier à la mauvaise planification du développement des zones humides. …   | English | Arabic

09 Jun 2011 | International news release

Professor Dr. Md. Anwarul Islam, Chief Executive, Wildlife Trust of Bangladsh, receiving the award on behalf of WTB from honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh receives national award for conservation

The Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB), a member of IUCN since 2008, received the Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation from the honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 1 June 2011. …  

08 Jun 2011 | News story

Albatross in the Pacific Ocean

Breakthrough at the United Nations: hopes grow for the high seas

Today, World Oceans Day, IUCN is celebrating a major breakthrough in global efforts to conserve the high seas. …  

08 Jun 2011 | News story


CEESP Annual Report 2010

A Message from the Chair …  

07 Jun 2011 | News story

Stephen Woodley

Protected Areas get a boost from Parks Canada

Providing a major boost to IUCN’s Global Programme on Protected Areas, Parks Canada and IUCN are pleased to announce that Dr Stephen Woodley will take up a new position as Senior Programme Advisor on Protected Areas and Climate Change for the next two years. …  

07 Jun 2011 | News story
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A marine turtle in the Red Sea, Egypt

IUCN and Shell: guiding the way

IUCN has had an influential impact on the way Shell views and manages conservation challenges across 90 countries. That was one of the messages to emerge from a recent meeting that took place between Shell and the IUCN Council (the organization's governing body).  …  

07 Jun 2011 | News story

World Environment Day 2011 - Forests: Nature At Your Service

IUCN Bangladesh observes World Environment Day 2011

World Environment Day was observed in Bangladesh with the theme “Nature: Forests at your Service” by IUCN Bangladesh, the Government, United Nation agencies and numerous NGOs and institutions. …  

07 Jun 2011 | Event

Great Indian Bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps)

Big birds lose out in a crowded world

One of the world’s largest species of bird is on the brink of extinction according to the 2011 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for birds, just released by BirdLife International, an IUCN Red List partner.  …  

07 Jun 2011 | International news release