Plan of action of the CTGEN : The technical structures proceed to the last settings

16 March 2009 | News story

In order to harmonise activities and to render the plan operational, technical structures, NGO as well as the heads of the basin branches gathered during a restitution and ratification workshop on December 15th and 16th, 2008 in Bolgatanga, Ghana. The results of their exchanges enabled refining the actions for year 2009 that will have to be integrated in the basin branches activity programmes.

This meeting was preceded by national fora of the PAGEV pilot communities in Ghana and Burkina Faso which were respectively held on May 28th in Bittou and July 25th, 2008 in Zébilla. They equally enabled the Country Committees defining the key lines and the main activities of the action plan of the Cross-border Committee of the Nakanbé Water resource Management (CTGEN) for the year

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