Afrique orientale et australe

Les pays d'Afrique orientale et australe abritent d'abondantes ressources biologiques et naturelles du monde, dont sept hauts lieux de la biodiversité mondiale


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  • Michael Nkonu participating for IUCN at CEO Roundtable event

    Tanzania’s CEOs Champion Business and Biodiversity Conservation


    By Michael Kwame Nkonu, IUCN SUSTAIN-Africa Programme Coordinator - Business and biodiversity are often seen as unrelated, at least, this is the case in conventional business thinking. However, this traditional mindset is quickly changing and in the last...

  • Bururi Forest Nature Reserve, Burundi

    Bururi: the link between heaven and earth


    The Bururi Forest Nature Reserve in Burundi was previously considered to be the link between heaven and earth. The ancient Burundians attached great importance to forest conservation, especially mountain forests. Several mountain forests were protected...

  • Kilombero Sugar Cane Field

    Chris Buss: On Learning Questions for the SUSTAIN Initiative


    By Chris Buss - Deputy Director of the IUCN Global Forest and Climate Change Programme, based at the IUCN Headquarters in Gland. Chris leads the programme’s contribution to SUSTAIN’s monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks.

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