Nos scientifiques à l'action

Ameer Abdulla with a Hawksbill Turtle working on a marine survey examining the damage caused by tsunami in the Indian Ocean

Forgotten seascapes and marine tragedies

Dr Ameer Abdulla’s passion for the sea knows no limits. He works in the most isolated places where political instability and lack of security contrast with the thriving diversity and uniqueness of marine life. Working to preserve this incredible beauty and engage local communities in conservation, he continues his fight to make this world ‘a better place’. …  

01 May 2011 | News story

Alex Rogers and dealfish captured in the Indian Ocean

What job can beat that!

The oceans are the largest ecosystem on Earth: on average, they are more than 3,400 m deep and cover over 70% of our planet. But although scientists have been studying them for a long time, much of marine biodiversity remains a mystery. Unveiling the secrets of the deep is Dr Alex Rogers’ speciality. …  

16 Dec 2010 | News story

Dr. Randall Reeves

A whale of a job

Marine mammals are fascinating and charismatic animals but many of them are seriously threatened, mostly due to commercial activities. Conserving these species requires specialized knowledge, solid resources, and determination. And all these elements are top priorities in Dr Randall Reeves’ work. …  

28 Jul 2010 | News story