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Drylands are richer than you think

Drylands produce much more than people - and governments - generally give them credit for. IUCN's Senior Social Policy Advisor Gonzalo Oviedo explains how rich drylands can be, both in terms of biodiversity and the vast wealth of traditional knowledge their inhabitants have accumulated. Having learned to adapt to the harsh climate of drylands, he says we have a lot to learn from them about how to cope with such conditions. …  

16 Sep 2009 | Audio

Gum Arabic trees in Sudan

They’ve been growing it since the time of the Pharoes

Gum Arabic trees in Sudan are part of a 4,000-year-old tradition of producing gum in an immense dryland region. Working with IUCN’s Forest Programme in the region, Edmund Barrow explains that we all eat the gum produced in Sudan in chewing gum, in medicines such as aspirin and even as a clearing agent in beer. …  

16 Sep 2009 | Audio