Bilimbi, a wild fruit on a farm tree. Though the fruit is very acid it makes a very good beverage. In Guyana it is also dried and preserved with sugar and alcohol to make fruits for cakes.

August 2009. One billion people are undernourished in the world today; one million more than last year and one sixth of humanity. Food insecurity is a global concern. But insufficient attention is being paid to what underpins all of our food systems—biodiversity and ecosystem services such as soil formation, water supply, pollination, disease control and resilience to extreme weather. Read more

Jordan Valley

Food and Nature stories

Rural societies in the Congo basin still depend on wildlife resources

Vulnerable people, diminishing wildlife

by Dr Richard Thomas, TRAFFIC
Addressing priority bushmeat trade, livelihood and food security issues in Africa …  

28 Jul 2009 | News story
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Agriculture area beside Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda - a Livelihoods & Landscapes site

Food for thought

By Jeff Sayer, IUCN’s Scientific Advisor
The world is facing a food crisis. Human populations are growing and consuming more staple crops. Yields of these staples grew rapidly with the green revolution in the 1970s-90s, but that growth is not being sustained.   …  

22 Jul 2009 | News story
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