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Thunnus obesus or Bigeye tuna.

Prescription for a blue economy

What do the global financial crisis and climate change have to tell us about the high seas? Both demonstrate the complexity of 21st century life. …  

06 May 2009 | News story
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Olive Ridley Turtle

Balancing act for turtles

Can a balance be found between the environment and development? That was the question discussed at a meeting to work out how the Dhamra Port project in Orissa, India, can go ahead without harming the Olive Ridley turtle population. …  

05 Mar 2009 | News story

Porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus). Global Red List Assessment: Vulnerable; Sub-population Red List assessment for the Northeast Atlantic: Critically Endangered

Quarter of northeast Atlantic sharks and rays threatened with extinction

The release of the first ever IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ assessment of northeast Atlantic sharks, rays and chimaeras reveals that 26 percent are threatened with extinction and another 20 percent are in the Near Threatened category. …  

10 Nov 2008 | International news release

High Seas Gems - Hidden Treasures
of Our Blue Earth

High Seas Gems: Hidden Treasures of Our Blue Earth

The largest, least-protected places on our blue planet are found in the high seas - the open ocean and deep seabed that lie seaward of individual nations’ jurisdictions. Extending from the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica to most of the Indian, Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea, these areas cover 45% of the Earth’s surface. Hidden beneath the surface of the high seas are extraordinary places that are in urgent need of our protection. Belonging to no single nation,
they have been, for too long, neglected by all.

24 Oct 2008 | Downloads - publication

Adrift : tales of ocean fragility

Adrift : tales of ocean fragility

Campagna, Claudio, ed. ; Sadovy de Mitcheson, Yvonne, ed. ; Pilcher, Nicolas, ed. ; Hurd, Andrew, ed. ; Griffin, Julie, ed.
ISBN 978-2-8317-1070-9

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02 Oct 2008 | Downloads - publication

Ocean Blues

Ocean Blues

Threats and Responses Fact Sheet …  

01 Jun 2006 | Downloads - document