Are you interested in green economy? Would you like to learn more about it, share your views with others or put your questions to an expert?

Join our discussion on www.connect2earth.org, IUCN’s green online community. This month, David Huberman, IUCN’s ‘Green Economy’ network coordinator and Nathalie Olsen, IUCN’s Programme Officer to the Chief Economist, will be responding to your posts.

What do you think?

  • What are some of the fundamental changes in people’s behavior which are necessary for a green economy to become reality?
  • What should your government do to encourage the transition towards a green economy?
  • Is it realistic to expect the global economy to prosper while also reducing society’s overall environmental impact?
  • Are there specific industry sectors that can act as catalysts in the transition towards a green economy? If so, which ones and why?

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About connect2earth

Connect2earth is a green online community set up by IUCN and WWF, with the support of Nokia, to make the voice of the young people - their concerns and solutions for the environment they live in - heard and to share environmental knowledge in an interactive and innovative manner.

On www.connect2earth.org, you can learn, exchange ideas, and discuss directly with environmental experts from around the world. The connect2earth community can be accessed through the web and through mobile phones. It enables users to post and share their comments, pictures and videos, and rank each other's contributions.

Discussions revolve around topical issues such as renewable energy, species extinction or climate change, presented by IUCN and WWF environmental experts, and changed every month. The best contributors can win fantastic prizes such as trips to international events (our October winner won a trip to the United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December 2009) or visits to environmental field projects. The best contributor for a specific topic can win a mobile phone solar charger.

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Our 2009 winner
  • Gustavo Nicolas, winner of connect2earth 2009

    Gustavo Nicolas, winner of connect2earth 2009

    Photo: IUCN