Some 8% of the world’s protected areas, including national parks, nature reserves and community conserved areas, are World Heritage Sites—places of Outstanding Universal Value because of their natural or cultural significance.

IUCN plays a key role in evaluating the natural sites nominated for recognition under the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Every year IUCN also reports on the ‘state of conservation’ of natural sites that are under threat, recommending which should be placed on the Convention’s list of sites In Danger.

Representatives from amongst the 186 states that are signatories to the World Heritage Convention are participating in the World Heritage Committee’s annual meeting in Brasilia, 25 July to 3 August. The Committee considers nominations for the inscription of new sites and examines the state of conservation of sites that are already listed as World Heritage.

We’re reporting on the decisions live from the meeting while our experts provide behind-the-scenes insight into the key issues at stake.