World Heritage in Bahrain

29 July 2010 | Audio

The objective of Bahrain is to get more natural sites on the World Heritage map, especially within the Arab region, that’s according to Dr. Saeed Abdalla al-Khuzai, Natural Heritage Advisor to Bahrain’s delegation to the World Heritage Convention’s annual meeting in Brasilia.

It seems that in Arab countries there are plenty of sites of cultural interest that have made the World Heritage List but much fewer that qualify as natural sites from. As part of their work to redress the imbalance, the Bahrain delegation is also looking to concentrate more on marine World Heritage sites.

That’s why in 2009 a meeting was held in Bahrain where IUCN, the World Commission on Protected Areas and UNESCO signed the Bahrain Action Plan. This intends to move marine sites up the World Heritage agenda, encouraging countries to consider marine habitats as prospective World Heritage candidates.

Dr Saeed Abdalla al-Khuzai explains how the Brasilia meeting has been going so far.