All over the world thousands of people, many of whom face danger, hostility, and harsh working conditions, are part of a growing grassroots movement that is trying to turn the tide for the natural world.
From park rangers who put their lives at risk in protecting wildlife—some of them getting killed in action—to people fighting to improve the lives of vulnerable people, we highlight their passion, the challenges they face and their achievements.

There are those in the cut and thrust of international debate, making sure that decisions affecting the environment are based on the latest science. They are pressing political leaders to value our planet’s natural resources and respect the rights of those who depend on them for their survival. And there are those on the campaign frontline, exposing environmental abuses and battling for social justice.

Read about the work of some of these extraordinary people and be inspired by their stories.

Then join the debate about how we can ‘protect the protectors’ - tell us how you think we can best safeguard the people who work on the frontline of nature conservation.

And finally, are you a budding conservation hero? How far would you go to save the planet? Are you a conservation hero or a conservation zero? Take our quiz and find out!

  • More than 1,000 rangers are estimated to have lost their lives in the line of duty in the last 15 years. 
  • Well-equipped, sophisticated organized crime syndicates have killed more than 800 African rhinos in the past three years, just for their horns.
  • For Earth Hour that takes place in March each year, hundreds of millions of people switch off lights to send a message to global leaders that the world wants urgent action to tackle climate change.
  • IUCN has more than 10,000 expert volunteers working in fields from environmental law to species survival; social equality to protected areas.