Message from the Deputy Director General: Freshwater conservation

Watch IUCN Deputy Director General Bill Jackson talk about freshwater conservation challenges and explain what IUCN is doing to make sure that there's enough water in the world both for nature and for people. …  

27 Aug 2010 | Video

Volcán Tacaná

Managing the Tacana Volcano Watershed

In the San Marcos department of Guatemala, overexploitation of natural resources, high population density, settlements and agriculture combined with extreme weather events are increasingly undermining the region's food and water security. IUCN, through its Tacana project, is making sure that natural resources are used in a sustainable way and that nature itself is used in managing the volcano watershed. …  

01 Sep 2010 | Video

Nespresso and IUCN: exploring opportunities

Coffee waste water treatment in Guatemala

In the department of San Marcos in Guatemala, water plays an essential role in the production of coffee, which makes it crucial for the livelihoods of the local people. As part of its Tacana project, IUCN provides support, advice and funding to design a water treatment plant which will decrease the negative impacts of wastewater generated through the processing of coffee. …  

01 Sep 2010 | Video

Illegal irrigation in the Zarqa River, Jordan

All we need is water

Extreme water scarcity is not the only problem Jordan is currently facing. Combined with poor water management though, it might be the worst. When both water quantity and quality are inadequate, health and environmental hazards can reach alarming levels. …  

03 Dec 2008 | Video