Conservation made Clear - May 2012 - Shaking things up in Rio
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It's time to get serious about sustainability

As preparations gear up for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), IUCN is calling for far greater progress towards a cleaner, fairer and more prosperous world. It believes nature conservation is critical for sustainable development and wants to see natural solutions central to the global response to challenges such as climate change and poverty.

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Constanza Martinez

A call to action from IUCN’s Goodwill Ambassadors

Pierre-Yves Cousteau

The Rio+20 summit is drawing interest from all parts of society – all pushing for greater political commitment and action for sustainability. Here IUCN’s Goodwill Ambassadors share their hopes and wishes.

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Sustainability in action in Pakistan

Iskan Khan

QilaIskan Khan, a small village in Balochistan, Pakistan, has suffered from acute water shortages, particularly during the drought of 1996-2003.

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Reviving nature's bounty in Indonesia

Magrove restoration in Indonesia

In Indonesia IUCN is helping local communities to restore and sustainably manage their coastal resources and this is leading to improved livelihoods for many.

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Our experts in action: Constanza Martinez

Connie follows the negotiations at an international biodiversity conference

How to survive a 10-day environmental conference where you are working from dawn ’til dusk trying to convince the world’s decision makers to take nature conservation seriously.

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Test your knowledge

Children in Yemen walking for long distances to get water. Waqf Fund can provide sustainable funding for water projects in the region. How much do you know about sustainable development?
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Local sustainability

Lachuá Lagoon, inside the National Park, Guatemala Browse our photo gallery!
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IUCN World Conservation Congress

2012 Congress logo Register now for the next IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place in Jeju, Korea, in September 2012!


IUCN – Thomson Reuters Environmental Media Award

IUCN - Thomson Reuters Media Award Journalists and writers across the world are invited to submit an environmental article for the IUCN – Thomson Reuters Environmental Media Award until 15 June 2012. The winner will get a trip to South Korea for the IUCN World Conservation Congress!
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