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Welcome to Jeju, Repulic of Korea, for the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress. Find out about the latest updates and news in this daily newsletter.
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 IUCN’s World Conservation Congress is an international event, unique in its size, spirit, diversity and relevance to the urgent need to protect nature so that nature can protect us and our children. As the fourth day rolled on, new initiatives and results were announced, and new voices were given a right to be heard.

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Nature Olympics day 4

Nature benefits for all

Gonzalo Oviedo

What does Nature+ people & governance mean in simple terms? Do people share the same benefits from nature? Gonzalo Oviedo, IUCN Special Adviser for Social Policy, is addressing these questions.

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Investment in carbon capture— lifeline to poor

Inner Niger Delta

Tens of thousands of people around the world are getting greater access to food because of a new investment fund. IUCN supports the Livelihoods Fund, which allows companies to offset their carbon footprint by investing in ecosystem restoration programmes that deliver lasting community benefits, including increased food security.

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Green light for IUCN Green List of Protected Areas

Gorgon National Park

With several pilot projects underway, preparations for IUCN’s Green List of Well-Managed Protected areas are gathering pace prior to its official launch at the next IUCN World Parks Congress to be held in Australia in 2014. 

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Nature hotspots to get boost through joint EU initiative

A resident of Chivoko (Solomon Islands) navigates past an islet near Cape Alexander on his 8-hour journey to Taro, the provincial capital

Threatened natural areas in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific are set to benefit from a unique partnership between the IUCN, the European Commission and German Development Cooperation (GIZ).


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IUCN’s Red List of Ecosystems gains speed

Iguazu falls

From Australia to Patagonia, from coral reefs to rainforests and deserts, the new IUCN Red List of Ecosystems will assess the status of ecosystems worldwide, to identify their risks and the potential impact on both ecosystems and human wellbeing.

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Yesterday's top tweets

Social media at the 2012 IUCN Congress

• #iucn2012 live: Members are debating on the protection of the deep ocean #ecosystem and #biodiversity from the treats of seabed mining
• Candidates for the IUCN President position gather to answer questions from IUCN Members. Meet them here:
• IUCN Goodwill Ambassador @mattiasklum and Johan Rockstöm present “The Human Quest” at #IUCN2012 #inspiring

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Stories and interviews

Support Staff arriving in Jeju

Access daily stories regarding important conservation topics. Find out what are countries around the world are doing to achieve a more sustainable environment.   

> From bean to drink – turning coffee green
> Giving life to the Amazon vision!
> What they’re saying at the Congress…

On the Blog


> Let’s get children to national parks
> Just add trees: How greening concrete jungles will help us adapt to a warming world
> How Nature+ was born
Ones to watch tomorrow

IUCN Elections

Valli Moosa and Ashok Khosla at the 2008 Member's Assembly

Tomorrow the results of the elections will be posted on the website. Don't forget to check it out!

> Overview of the candidate presentations and elections

Things to do before you leave

As the Forum draws to a close, many of us are wrapping up our activities at the Congress. But let's not leave the island before having tried a few local must-dos:

X  Eat Kimchi
X  Sing at a Noraebang with colleagues
X  Discover Jeju's natural treasures
Taste Jeju's tangerines
X  Go to a Korean restaurant and ask the waiter: "Mwo chucheonhae jusillaeyo?"Meet the Haenyeo


Today's outcome

IUCN Members have spoken: 8 motions adopted


Résultat du jour

Les Membres de l'UICN ont parlé: 8 motions ont été adoptées


Resultado del día

Los Miembros de la UICN han hablado: 8 mociones adoptadas


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