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Forests & Gender

This book explores some of the main themes concerning forests and gender with case studies from around the world demonstrating the wealth of learning and experience that is the result of increased awareness and integration of gender issues within forestry work. The final section of the book takes a step back and examines issues and progress at the international and global levels, bringing us up to date and forecasting future challenges and developments.

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Forests and Gender

CITES and CBNRM : proceedings of an international symposium on "The relevance of CBNRM to the conservation and sustainable use of CITES-listed species in exporting countries"

These symposium conclusions should be helpful in identifying options to enhance the CITES Strategic Vision post-2013, particularly the effectiveness of Goal 1 (“Ensure compliance with and implementation and enforcement of the Convention”). It also identifies important links between CITES and other relevant MEAs and provides an opportunity to enhance international policy coherence regarding local communities as important stakeholders and conservation partners.

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Global re-introduction perspectives : 2011 : more case studies from around the globe

This third edition of the Global Re-introduction Perspectives provides 50 case-studies covering invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and plants. The case-studies are presented in the same format as the previous two volumes and the case-studies are vividly illustrated with color photographs.

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Global Re-Introduction Perspectives: 2011

Aperçu du statut de conservation des poissons marins présents en mer Méditerranée

Ce rapport examine le statut de conservation de l’ensemble des poissons marins autochtones de la mer Méditerranée. Il repose sur les évaluations de 513 espèces et 6 sous-espèces réalisées selon la méthodologie de la Liste Rouge de l’UICN. En outre, le rapport identifie les espèces de poissons marins menacées d’extinction à l’échelle régionale, de sorte que des mesures de conservation adéquates soient mises en place afin d’améliorer leur statut.

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Book cover

Guidance for CITES scientific authorities: checklist to assist in making non-detriment findings for Appendix II exports

Use of and trade in wildlife is a fact of life for human society around the globe. Article IV of the CITES Convention requires exporting countries to restrict trade in Appendix II species to levels that are not detrimental to species’ survival. Based on two workshops convened by IUCN, this publication presents the background to the development of the non-detriment finding checklist and explains how the checklist is designed to work, so that Scientific Authority staff can take and develop the parts of the approach that they find useful.

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Guidance for CITES

Assessment and control of biological invasion risks

Biological invasion can disturb the balance of local ecosystems and even destroy them. This collection of papers presented at the International Conference on Assessment and Control of Biological Invasion Risks held in August 2004 discusses risk assessment, risk management and eradication. It also includes contributions reporting on the current status of invasion and the properties of alien species in East Asia.

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Assessment and control of biological invasion risks

Training manual on gender and climate change

The primary goal of the Global Gender and Climate Alliance is to ensure that climate change policies, decision making, and initiatives at the global, regional and national levels are gender-responsive. The GGCA has developed this training manual to increase the capacity of policy and decision makers so that efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change are gender-sensitive.

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Training Manual

Vers une meilleure gouvernance de la Méditerranée

Cette publication sur le gouvernance en mer Mediterranée aborde les sujets comme l'Etat des lieux des zones sous juridiction étatique, la biodiversité en haute mer et le cadre juridique existant.

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Towards a better Governance of the Mediterranean / Vers une meilleure gouvernance de la Méditerranée

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