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The latest information on IUCN publications, May 2011
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Biodiversity and ecosystem management in the Iraqi marshlands : screening study on potential World Heritage nomination

This report includes an inventory of data and information on the Iraqi marshland ecosystem; technical guidance on the assessment framework and tools for ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation with regard to the requirements for World Heritage nomination; and guidance on the development of a network in the field of ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation.

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Potential World Heritage nomination

Lignes directrices pour de meilleures pratiques en matière de tourisme de vision des grands singes

Le tourisme de vision des grands singes, s’il est bien mis en application, peut servir à sauvegarder l’espèce, mais il peut également avoir de nombreux effets négatifs s’il est basé sur des principes de conservation mal définis. Ces lignes directrices ont été développées à l’intention des sites de tourisme de vision des grands singes existants et potentiels, et qui désirent améliorer le degré auquel leur programme contribue à la conservation plutôt qu’à l’exploitation des grands singes.

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Lignes directrices pour de meilleures pratiques en matière de tourisme de vision des grands singes

Marine News

Marine News is the IUCN Global Marine and Polar Programme e-newsletter. It includes news stories related to a diversity of marine-related topics such as climate change mitigation and adaptation; threatened marine species; energy and industry; marine protected areas; marine invasive species; fisheries and aquaculture; ocean governance and the Arctic. It also highlights recent marine expeditions and outstanding marine photographs.

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Marine News Issue 8

World Heritage desert landscapes : potential priorities for the recognition of desert landscapes and geomorphological sites on the World Heritage List

The purpose of this study is to advise State Parties to the World Heritage Committee on nonpolar deserts as potential World Heritage Sites of Outstanding Universal Value with a focus on geomorphological aspects. It also discusses some of the issues relating to the integrity and management of these areas and the need to conserve them.

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World Heritage desert landscapes

The wealth of nature : ecosystem services, biodiversity, and human well-being

With hundreds of stunning full-color photographs and more than twenty essays from some of the world's most respected scientists, this latest publication in the CEMEX Conservation Book Series aims to provide some of these answers. With scientific analyses, The Wealth of Nature offers a detailed explanation of the various ecosystem services that support and regulate all natural processes on Earth. It also provides cultural context for how these services are vital for our existence and why their futures – and ours – are at risk.

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Our land, our legacy : our North American world heritage

This magnificient publication vividly portrays the beauty and grandeur of World Heritages Sites in North America - where the ideas of national parks, wilderness preservation and the World Heritage Convention began. The astonishing range of natural geological and architectural sites includes the largest nonpolar icefield in the world in Yukon; a volcanic crater encompassing half of Yellowstone Park; the archaeological finds of Teotihuacan in Mexico; and the uniqueness of the Florida Everglades.

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Adrift : tales of ocean fragility

This book is a product of the Marine Conservation Sub-Committee, an advisory body on marine species issues within IUCN. The book features twelve stories of different ocean animals that highlight the latest issues in marine conservation. The tales in this exquisitely illustrated book are testament not only to the eccentricity of life in our oceans, but also the diversity of challenges and opportunities we face to conserve these marine marvels. 

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Marine and coastal protected areas : a guide for planners and managers

This is a new editon of the classic textbook on marine protected area (MPA) management in the tropics.  With new case studies and ilustrations, the guide comes in a water-resistant cover for field use. It is intended for those who plan individual and/or national MPA systems and gives philosophical context for MPAs along with some basic principles and approaches.

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