World Conservation Debate
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As the World Heritage Convention approaches its 40th anniversary, how can we ensure that it delivers maximum conservation results? This is the subject of the second World Conservation Debate and we'd like to hear your views.

The opening feature article - Mid-life crisis or life just beginning? The World Heritage Convention approaches 40 - describes some of the challenges and opportunities facing the Convention and airs different perspectives on how to address them.

What can the international community do to uphold the commitment to future generations that adding a site to the prestigious World Heritage List represents? Despite its successes, the Convention needs several reforms to make sure that countries that have World Heritage sites—either cultural or natural—deliver on their conservation promises.

This issue of World Conservation Debates is linked to our World Heritage focus on the IUCN website. Read about IUCN’s involvement with the World Heritage Convention and the work underway to save the planet’s natural and cultural jewels.


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Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California, Mexico How do you think the World Heritage Convention can best deliver conservation results on the ground?
Read the opening feature - Mid-life crisis or life just beginning? - and tell us what you think. Just click on 'Write a comment' to add your opinion. 
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