fishing in Xuan Thuy  National Park

Group hones Water for Food and Ecosystems case studies

Experts from the government and academia met to review the design of five case studies during a July 29, 2008, meeting of the Water for Food and Ecosystems (WFE) working group. …  

11 Sep 2008 | News story

Community members participating in a district-level PES contest in Da Nhim commune

Lam Dong Province Learns About Payments for Environmental Services

Community members, local authorities and journalists gained a better understanding of the concept of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) after IUCN Viet Nam hosted a series of educational events, which most recently featured a public awareness campaign in July and August 2008. …  

11 Sep 2008 | News story

Mangrove, Rhizophora mucronata, planted a year previously in Jaring Halus, North Sumatra

Sea-level rise may be the greatest threat to mangroves

Mangrove ecosystems are under threat from climate change. Initial research led by IUCN and three leading universities shows that most mangrove sediment surface levels are not keeping pace with sea-level rise.  The greatest impact will be on those mangroves where there is limited area for landward migration. 

29 Aug 2008 | News story

Seth Cook (IUCN China), Qu Guilin (SFA) and Lu De (SFA) actively participate in the discussion

IUCN co-sponsors meeting on illegal logging in Beijing

On 25th July 2008 IUCN China co-sponsored a meeting entitled Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in the Global Context with the Chinese State Forestry Administration (SFA). This presented an opportunity to share information, as well as concerns, on the latest forest governance developments in some major export markets and producer countries, such as the FLEGT initiative and the forthcoming Lacey Act. …  

29 Jul 2008 | News story

The Hawksbill caught in Minh Chau is tagged before being returned to the wild

Rùa biển bị đe dọa diệt chủng đã được trả về với đại dương

Hưởng ứng công tác của IUCN nhằm tăng cường hiểu biết trong cộng đồng ngư dân về bảo tồn các loài bò sát biển, vào cuối tháng 6 và đầu tháng 7, hai con rùa biển bị mắc vào lưới của ngư dân đã được trả về thiên nhiên. …  

23 Jul 2008 | News story

The Hawksbill caught in Minh Chau is tagged before being returned to the wild

Endangered Sea Turtles Released Back to Ocean

Two sea turtles caught in fishermen’s nets were returned to the wild in late June and early July, in response to IUCN’s work raising awareness in fishing communities about conservation of the marine reptiles. …  

23 Jul 2008 | News story


Sri Lanka 2048 looks at Business As Unusual: How can companies do well while doing good?

The private sector is acknowledged as the engine of our economic growth. But how long can this 'engine' keep running without addressing its many impacts on society and the natural environment? …  

18 Jul 2008 | News story

Earthquake affected area in Sichuan

Environmental Considerations for Post-earthquake recovery action in China

影响四川、甘肃、陕西的7.9级汶川大地震距今已有两个多月了。近日,中国商务部和联合国共同在北京召开了专家研讨会,研究灾后重建问题。5月12日的汶川地震已造成6.9万人死亡,超过500万人无家可归,同时还对当地丰富的生物多样性资源造成了巨大影响。 …  

17 Jul 2008 | News story

Barcelona Congress

Apply now for the Business Night School

Three-hour long Learning Opportunities will equip non-business delegates to the IUCN World Conservation Congress with knowledge and skills to work with business on contributing to ecosystem management solutions. Each evening (6-8 October), four sessions will run in parallel on (1) business basics, (2) partnerships, (3) communication and (4) tools, using case examples from a wide variety of sectors including energy, agri-business, advertising and communication technology. …   | Spanish

08 Jul 2008 | News story

The Da Hoai River in Lam Dong Province is one of the many rivers in this upstream province that supplies water for downstream plain areas.

Tập huấn về Chi trả cho Dịch vụ Môi trường tại tỉnh Lâm Đồng

IUCN tiến hành hai hội thảo tập huấn về Chi trả cho Dịch vụ Môi trường (PES) cho các cán bộ xã, huyện và tỉnh và các chủ thể PES khác tại tỉnh Lâm Đồng vào tháng 4 và tháng 5 năm 2008. …  

05 Jul 2008 | News story

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