Natural Inteligence Exhibition

03 September 2013 | News story

Natural Intelligence is an exhibition, where science, local knowledge and art come together in innovative ways to show actions where nature is the key to addressing climate change impacts.  

Intelligence is the ability of human beings to understand what is happening around us and to use that information to solve problems.This exhibition is an invitation to think about natural intelligence, understood as the ability to interpret how nature functions and the consequences it suffers as a result of changes, in particular climate change.

Using natural intelligence is about taking actions today that allow us to continue benefitting from nature in the future, and from the goods and services it provides us, favouring our survival and that of many other species.This space offers some elements for a better understanding of nature and the fundamental role it plays when talking about climate change.

The Central American communities, that are the stars of this exhibition, show the natural solutions that they carry out to improve their livelihoods —activities done to satisfy human needs— and conserve their surroundings, thus showing us how to adapt intelligently to climate change.

The idea came from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is carried out together with the National Museum of Costa Rica, and the collaboration of various partners. The exhibition will run for three months from September 11, 2013, in the National Museum's regular schedule.

This Exhibition is part of the closure activities of our project "Water Management for Adaptation to Climate Change in Mesoamerica", funded by the German Ministry for the Environment and Nuclear Safety.

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