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connect2earth 2009 prize awarded

Winner gains first-hand experience of UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

A 19 year-old Colombian student is this year’s grand prize winner of an international youth competition running on connect2earth, the green online and mobile community.   …   | Spanish

15 Dec 2009 | News story

Bosque tropical

Sharing the benefits under REDD

IUCN, with the support of Econ Pöyry, has reviewed experiences with existing benefit sharing arrangements in the forest sector and in other areas in order to inform discussions on how to develop benefit sharing systems under REDD. …  

09 Dec 2009 | News story

Group Work at the Seminar

IUCN National Committee of Bolivia Seminar on "Indigenous Autonomous Regions and the Governance of Land and Natural Resources"

A seminar on "Indigenous Autonomous Regions and the Governance of Land and Natural Resources" was held in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, as part of the wider project "Improving the livelihood of indigenous people in the mountain areas in Bolivia and Peru, through greater security of land tenure and access to resources", implemented by the IUCN Regional Office for South America (SUR), and the IUCN Bolivian and Peruvian Committees of IUCN. …   | Spanish

09 Dec 2009 | News story

IUCN logo

IUCN welcomes 18 new Members

On 25th November 2009, the 73rd Meeting of the IUCN Council admitted 18 new Members to join IUCN.
The Council, President, Director General and entire family of IUCN extend a very warm welcome to the new Members and look forward to their active involvement.   …   | French | Spanish

06 Dec 2009 | News story

Private Sector @ IUCN

IUCN’s Business and Biodiversity Programme organized a four day event “Private Sector @ IUCN” from 19 – 22 October in its Head Quarters in Gland, Switzerland. The event brought together IUCN staff working with the private sector and representatives from businesses interacting with IUCN. …  

03 Dec 2009 | News story

Pescador, Cuenca del Plata

Están listos publicación y sitio web sobre peces de la Cuenca del Plata

La publicación incluye mapas y un CD interactivo. El sitio web permitirá consultar en detalle todas las fichas evaluadas.En la evaluación regional de peces se analizaron 191 especies, de las cuales 11 se encuentran amenazadas y 50 tienen datos insuficientes. …  

30 Nov 2009 | News story
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Women discussion group in Tenedba-Eastern Sudan

At last a turning point for women and climate change?

All those who have been working tirelessly to ensure that women are properly considered in efforts to tackle climate change will be watching events at Copenhagen with bated breath. Any agreement that emerges from the conference may be the first to recognize the gender aspects of climate change, and, in doing so, will be on the way to saving the lives of millions of women and children. …   | French | Spanish

30 Nov 2009 | News story

IUCN Councillors at the 73rd Meeting of Council, 23-25 November 2009

Council meeting wraps up at IUCN’s Swiss headquarters

The IUCN Council met in Gland, Switzerland from 23 to 25 November 2009. …   | French | Spanish

26 Nov 2009 | News story


Puembo: lecciones aprendidas y retos con miras hacia una tercera fase

La Iniciativa Puembo nace en el año 2001, a partir de un taller que reunió a actores de administraciones forestales de varios países de la región y representantes de la cooperación internacional de Holanda y Alemania. …  

24 Nov 2009 | News story
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Iquitos, Perú.

Países construyen visión común para la conservación de la Amazonía

Representantes de los departamentos de áreas protegidas de los países amazónicos, reunidos en Bogotá, Colombia, reiteraron su compromiso de construir una visión común de conservación de una de las bioregiones más importantes del mundo. …  

12 Nov 2009 | News story
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