Training Workshop for the Alboran Sea Geoportal

10 June 2014 | News story

From the 10th to the 11st of June, the Regional Observatory for Environment and Sustainable Development (OREDD) of the Tanger-Tetouan region has been the headquarters for a workshop about data infrastructures and geoportal. Coordinated by the IUCN center for Mediterranean cooperation (IUCN-Med), this workshop was organized into the framework of the POCTEFEX-Alboran project.

More than 20 technicians from 10 Moroccan institutions interested in georeference information were participating to this workshop celebrated in Tanger. The training was given by the Andalusia Network of Environmental Information (REDIAM in Spanish) experts from the Junta of Andalusia. They shared their knowledge and experiences related to the data infrastructure about environmental information for Andalusia developed during the last decade.

In 1994, Morocco created the first National Observatory about Environmental Information to manage the data linked to the environment’s condition. Nowadays, 14 regional observatories gather up information of 16 Moroccan regions. The OREDD director, Khalid Temsamani, explained during the workshop’s inauguration the work done by OREDD into the SEIS programme (Towards a system for sharing environmental information), specially for the creation of indicators about residues and urban residual waters in Morocco northern part. This work serves the collaboration with the Barcelona Convention’s Mediterranean Action Plan, and the European programme Horizon 2020.

The workshop also aimed to promote the collaboration between Moroccan and Andalusia institutions, in order to contribute to the creation of a geoportal for the Alboran Sea. The latter is developed by IUCN-Med, who hopes to put it online this summer.

The Program for the Spain-External Cross-Border Co-operation Programme (POCTEFEX) is a European initiative encouraging the collaboration between Morocco and Spain thanks to the support of the European Fund for the Regional Development (FEDER in French). The project Alboran, or “cross-border space of shared natural management”, aims to strengthen a harmony between development and environment, to contribute to a better structuring of the Alboran Sea, and finally to encourage an integrated and sustainable management of its environment.

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