SOS - Save Our Species: New call for proposals open!

08 May 2012 | News story

The second SOS Call for Proposals has just opened. Non-governmental organisations (including IUCN members), community groups, and other civil society organisations are welcome to apply for an SOS grant for one of the following Strategic Directions:

  • Threatened tropical terrestrial Asian vertebrates
  •  Threatened small marine mammals
  •  Threatened cycads
  •  Threatened freshwater African animals

SOS - Save Our Species is a joint initiative of IUCN, the Global Environment Facility and the World Bank supported by Nokia and the Fonds français pour l’environnement mondial (FFEM). Its objective is to ensure the long-term survival of threatened species and their habitats. If you are interested in applying for a SOS grant, please visit following link for more information:

This image shows the courtship behavior of Indian Bull frogs (Holobatrachus tigerinus). During the monsoon, the breeding males become bright yellow in color, while females remain dull. The prominent blue vocal sacs of male produce strong nasal mating call.