IUCN's work on Aichi Target 17 (The Revision of NBSAPs)

With the momentum provided by the adoption of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011- 2020 and its Aichi Targets, Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) are in the process of revising or updating their National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) to reflect the Aichi Targets and fulfill the three objectives of the CBD. Through Aichi Target 17, Parties have set 2015 as the deadline to have finished preparation and adoption, and commence implementation. IUCN is committed to engaging more forcefully in this ongoing process.

IUCN's engagement is conducted in the following manner:

  1. Based on demand; assisting specific parties in the revision, updating, development of their NBSAP
  2. Focused on IUCN's core expertise
  3. Adding value to the NBSAPs through IUCN flagship Knowledge Products
  4. Engaging in strategic partnerships with other institutions as for example the NBSAP Forum
  5. Through interventions at the sub-national and provincial level where there is a demand for a sub-national level biodiversity strategy or action plan (i.e. BSAPs in decentralized countries or in countries with a federal system of governance)


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