Do not get caught in details!

01 July 2009 | News story

When dealing with the climate change and biodiversity loss crisis, the world's leaders should not get caught in details. This is the opinion of India's Nitin Desai, member of the Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change, one of over 100 high-level participants in IUCN's climate change debate.

While the main goal of the debate is to raise key questions and give practical answers ahead of Copenhagen, it is also an ocassion to celebrate the work of environmental trailblazer Maurice Strong.

Jonathan Lash, President of World Resources Institute, Pavan Sukhdev, Team Leader of the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Study, and Nitin Desai, memeber of Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change, India and Distinguished Fellow of the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) talk about what the work of Mauric Strong means for them and for the international community.