Bruno Monteferri is the new Chair of the Group of Young Professionals

01 July 2009 | News story
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The Group of Young Professionals is an initiative of CEL´s Steering Committee as a response to the Resolution WCC3.029 and was established with the objective of providing a space for young leaders who are interested in the field of Environmental Law. Although the group is fairly new, it is growing at a rapid rate.

Bruno Monteferri, who recently became chair of CEL´s Group of Young Professionals, is a legal advisor of the Conservation Program of the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA) since April 2005. He is also head of the decentralized office of SPDA in the Loreto Region since February 2007. Bruno has a diploma on Environmental Law and Natural Resources from the Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru and a Diploma on Integrated Management of Coastal Marine Areas from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. He has specialized in the fields of land planning, natural resources management, marine conservation and natural protected areas.

Bruno is a researcher in the ACSC Project - which promotes conservation in a social context and he is also coordinator of a project on Sustainable Regions. He has published guides for the sustainable use of natural resources and sites, and several articles related to environmental law. Currently, he is working on a comparative analysis regarding the implementation of private conservation in nine Amazonian countries that will be presented during Wild9 congress, in Mexico.

If you are interested in knowing more about him or his work, you can visit SPDA's website: or contact him at


1 NIJAZ DELEUT KEMO ECI - European Earth Charter Network - Bosnia&Herzegovina and Croatia
DO IT...
Dear Bruno, I do have " young spirit". So, You do have my support, too.
All the best.
December 22, 2011 - 05:23
2 Ritumbra Manuvie
While Ia m glad to see the initiatives taken by IUCN and CEL, I will like to be a part of the team as well. I am based in India and have had my legal education in Environmental Laws from best Law school here. I was wondering how can I get involved into CEL ?? Plz suggest (
July 31, 2009 - 13:58
3 Nino Bariola
We are very proud of you, Bruno. Congrats!
July 8, 2009 - 05:55
4 Dominic Stucker
Congrats, on this great CEL initiative!

I'm the Advisor on Intergenerational Partnership on CEC's Steering Committee.

In collaboration with WCPA, we recently formed a Working Group on Intergenerational Partnership, aiming to integrate more young people into IUCN.

Let's explore synergies!
July 3, 2009 - 16:00
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