IUCN Ambassador for the Oceans to tackle Hong Kong marine crisis

05 June 2009 | News story

IUCN's Ambassador for the Oceans, French author and film maker Claire Nouvian, is raising awareness in her adoptive city, Hong Kong, to try to turn back the clock and reverse decades of degradation of the marine environment.  Once a paradise of clear water, pristine corals and home to exotic species of shark and grouper, Hong Kong's marine environment is now in crisis.  As Claire says, if Hong Kong, with its unequalled material comfort and its legendary reactivity can’t resolve it, no other place in the world will.

Fresh from moving her hugely successful deep sea exhibition "The Deep"  from Hong Kong to Taiwan, Claire is engaged in an ambitious outreach programme to educate Chinese youth on the problems of ocean degradation and the catastrophic decline of ocean predators.
As part of her efforts to reach out to Hong Kong and to mark the opening of the Hong Kong offfice of her non-profit organisation Bloom, Claire is organising a World Ocean Day event on June 8th.