Multi-stakeholder arrangements for improving forest governance and accountability

06 November 2009 | News story

IUCN and Wageningen International (part of the Wageningen University & Research Centre) have just published the results of a joint study of forest governance and accountability arrangements in Equator province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

IUCN and Wageningen International joined forces in Bikoro territory of Equator province, DRC, to study four questions:

  • What is good forest governance according to the stakeholders involved at different levels in IUCN's Strengthening Voices for Better Choices (SVBC) project?
  • What type of accountability arrangements are needed for improved forest governance?
  • What potential do the structures established by SVBC have to improve forest governance and, in particular, accountability?
  • What are the implications for analysing forest governance and accountability in other contexts, including interventions and the action research needed to strengthen them?

This report provides some answers to these questions, as well as recommendations for IUCN's approach and for further action research on accountability arrangements.

A French summary is included in the report.